Student raising his hand
What are the Strongest Selling Points of Kingsley Academy?

We asked our students what makes Kingsley Academy special and different - and this is what they said:
  • Friendly
  • Lots of different cultures - you meet people from all parts of the world - improves communication and sense of our global community
  • Being made to feel like you matter and are important
  • Close knit community
  • Teachers:
    • they respect your opinions and guide you
    • they are helpful and understanding; supportive
    • we can speak to teachers in a respected space and be confident that we are in a safe environment
    • they are interested in my progress and want me to succeed
    • they make me do my best
    • staff are focused and put in independent work

So we distilled these into three points which we feel show what makes Kingsley Academy distinctive:
  • Our community which is global yet, because small, close-knit and collaborative
  • Our ethos which is inclusive and humane so that everyone matters and knows they matter
  • Our staff who tirelessly promote creativity, character and success for every student