Lesley Kirby-Klappholz (Principal)

Ms Kirby-klappholz is responsible for:

  • Overall strategic direction, leadership and management of the school in partnership with the Kingsley Academy  Management Board
Ranjit Sadhra (Senior Vice Principal)

Mr Sadhra has strategic responsibility for:

  • STEM teams and projects (science, technology and maths)

  • Raising standards at Year 11

  • Data scrutiny for attendance, punctuality, behaviour and outcomes

Jigna Surani (Vice Principal)

Ms Surani has strategic responsibility  for:

  • Key Stage 3 pastoral, curriculum and progress (Years 7, 8, 9)

  • Teaching and learning across the school

  • Subject Team Leaders and Faculty Directors’ team

Sharon Gladstone (Assistant Principal)

Ms Gladstone has strategic responsibility for:

  • Key Stage 4 pastoral, curriculum and progress (Years 10 & 11)

  • Student welfare

  • Special Educational Needs

  • Year Leaders’ team

  • Safeguarding

Shashie Naidu (Assistant Principal)

Ms Naidu has strategic responsibility for:

  • Key Stage 5 pastoral, curriculum and progress (Years 12 & 13 - the 6th form)

  • Work Related Learning

  • Careers information

Balbinder Sall (Business Manager) 

Mr Sal is responsible for:

  • The school budgets and finance

  • The ICT, website and facilities teams

  • Human resources and recruitment