Assemblies are an integral part of the life of Kingsley Academy. These are compulsory for all students and teaching staff. We think these are an excellent forum for promoting:

At Kingsley Academy we believe that assemblies are important because:

●   They are an opportunity for instilling our values

●   We can share our high expectations

●   They give us - students and staff - a sense of community, belonging and group responsibility

●   They give students the opportunity to learn how to listen for a sustained period

●   To ensure key messages are shared with students and their teachers

●   They are a vehicle for inspiring students

●   They are a positive start to the day

●   Staff have an opportunity to share their interpretations of inspirational sayings and words with students and others

●   Students have the opportunity to engage with a philosophical or moral question

●   Students have the opportunity to connect with staff whom they may not meet regularly

Each week all year groups have two assemblies (currently held in either the Main Hall or the school restaurant).

SLT Assembly

  • Students are grouped as follows: Year 7; Years 8 & 9; Years 10 & 11; Years 12 & 13  

  • It is a formal assembly, led by a senior member of staff

  • Assemblies are based on pre set ‘words of the week’

Year Assembly

  • Students are grouped in year groups

  • The assembly is led by Year Leaders

  • Tutor groups are encouraged to deliver their own assemblies

The assemblies follow a different theme each week and the themes are based on the School Values and fundamental British values. The school values are: -  

A - Aspiration and Ambition

B - Belief that Breadth of experience leads to depth of character

C - Care for the academy and the local Community

D - Demanding of the highest standards in all that they do

E - Enjoying and Excelling in learning

F - Facing the Future with confidence, courage and positivity


What is SMSC