Kingsley Academy Poetry Competition for National Poetry Day 2016

posted 18 Jan 2017, 05:34 by Kingsley Academy   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 06:18 ]
The English Department was delighted to receive an excellent reaction to the call for entries to our poetry competition, especially from our new Year 7 students. It is really encouraging to know
that such an enthusiastic and talented group of writers has joined the Academy this year and it was particularly difficult to shortlist from this year group. In fact shortlisting was darn difficult across the board! In the end the judging panel was delighted to award the three main prizes to students from KS3 as a way to reflect the fierce level of competition in this key stage and to celebrate our incredibly talented writers in the lower school.

Choosing the winners was not an easy task, as so many students wrote lyrical and thought-provoking responses to the theme of messages. In the end, the judgement came down to the poets’ originality and to how well they had used language, structure and imagery. The winning poem, ‘Dear Grandad!’ is a hugely poignant narrative of love and loss in the modern world. It is clear that the poet has a genuine understanding of the power of words and how they tell a story. Our winning entry shows an awareness that poetry can be a medium to process grief and regret and lead to some kind of healing. In second place, ‘Talking’, was impressive in that it displayed a natural understanding of poetic form: in terms of how the words were laid out, some subtly suggested meanings and the poet’s beautifully linked ideas about technology and emotions. Finally, in third place, ‘Leave a Message’ was selected for the way its well-controlled form and rhythm seemed to correspond so well with the ideas it presents. A creative response to a canonical literary text the poem successfully infuses modern ideas into a timeless classic. 

Well done everyone!


Dear Granddad

Maybe next year granddad,
When the mortgage is all paid,
What’s another year anyway, granddad?
I promise we’ll come and stay,
A cup of tea and chinwag,
All we’d ever need,
But our lives are just so busy,
And I’ve got a family to feed,

Sorry again, granddad,
Work is piling up,
Hey, I’ll be round soon for that little catch up,
I promise that I won’t let you down,
Keep the kettle boiled and don’t fret or frown,

I’m really sorry granddad,
But we’ve got a holiday,
And we’d lose our deposit,
I promise we will stay,
We’re getting on in years and well the kids are too,
I hope you can understand we need to cherish them as much as you

Hello again granddad,
It’s been a while,
You’ve not answered the phone lately,
You’ve got me worried,
We’ll come around tomorrow, for that chat,
And don’t you worry,
We bought you presents and all that!

Granddad, sorry,
We got caught up,
I’m sure you’re free Thursday,
If not just call back!

Goodbye granddad,
You lived a good life,
I just wish I hadn’t got caught up by the kids and wife,
The times I let go, the messages I left,
Now you’re not here,
I regret not coming over,
Rest in peace granddad, I’m sorry I couldn’t come over.

Steven Metcalfe 8X


We haven't talked in a while,
Even though you promised we would.
I wish I could rewind time,
Back to when things were simpler,
When we were naive and innocent,
So oblivious to the world.
Back when we were so persistent,
That we would be friends, till the end of time.

But now, as I lay in bed, phone in hand, waiting for your reply,
To the question that had been lingering in my mind.
I close my eyes and remember vividly,
All those childish games we had played,
Back when we were happy.


Neharika Limbu 7Y

Leave a message

This is Victor, leave a message.
Hey Vic, it’s me Adam, your monster.
As you can see I learnt how to speak. Google Translate helped a lot

I also learnt how to read and write
I read books from the local li-berry; they have this really queer system
They have levels. I’m currently on like a 3.5-6.4, not bad
I was born “bouta week ago”, I’m just kidding,
You know when I was born.

Listen, I met this girl, Mary Shelley. Oh just beautiful.
I got married to her; I now have a son, Igor.
Boy, is he cute.

The reason I called you is because, I just wanted to say
I’m going to crush your soul or brain, I’m not sure.
Yeah I’m going to crush your soul like I did to your sister.
Oh yeah, and I killed your sister.

Adil Nazareth



Year 7: Azisa Fernandes 7Y – Sky

When I look at the sky I remember you
The clouds go by and I keep on remembering you
The birds fly by and I still keep remembering you
But I will never ever forget you
I will keep on remembering you
Hours will pass by
Days will pass by
Months will pass by
But I will not forget you
But I will never ever forget you
I will keep on remembering you
Generations will pass by
Centuries will pass by
But I will never ever forget you
I will keep on remembering you
Centuries and centuries
But I will never ever forget you
I will keep on remembering you

Year 8: Yuvraj Singh 8X - Messenger

The messenger bird, flying so high in the sky,
Over the trenches of war, people fighting and then they die.
An important job lies with a fragile flying bird,
Yet somehow can deliver every single word.

And on that paper contains life-changing information,
Words that could change a nation.
This important job is done by a bird.
“Amazing!” The citizens say, “What could possibly be next?”
Now the message is sent in a second with a text
Year 9: Ainwr Ashraf Ahmed 9MA - Wishes

I wish I could move on from that big mistake ,
learn from it
and dry my tears.

I wish I could go back
change it,
and follow my dreams.

I wish I could be free
fly like a butterfly
and colour my life.

I wish I could be strong,
until the end, following my dreams
and make them happen.
Y10: Tajmeet Singh 10P – Blink of an Eye

It’s mother’s birthday, it’s time to celebrate
The one person that could ask for anything and
I wouldn’t hesitate.

It’s her 41st birthday, I must bring her cake
I get to the bakery and find it ready to take
To the party, I can’t be late,
The excitement in my heart starts to inflate.

I lose track of the speed as I go way above the limit
I feel the rush and adrenaline, I love it!
I’m getting texts on where I’m at and will I make it in time,
I begin to notice that I’m committing a crime.

I reach for my phone to respond that I’m on my way
I get a reply saying: OK
I look up to catch my life end in the blink of an eye
I wish I could see my mum again

I couldn’t even text goodbye.
Y11: Alexandra Santos Ribeiro 11P – Puppy Eyes

"Saw the crumbled messed up sheets
Like a love nest safe and pure,
Then came you with cheeky speech
Lay in blankets cool azure.

Lovely, your puppy brown eyes
Always shimmering with glee,
Just put on your smile, so wise
Want to share the bed with me?

Now they are just memories,
Weakly shrivel in my brain
Of your dazzling puppy eyes,
All thoughts of them are now slain."
Y12: Tusmeea Ahmed 12X - A Message to the Borough

We're better than the rest
We're here to be the best
To achieve what we need
And feed our greed
For grades and success

We ain't here to make a mess

Of the future that awaits
In the hands of fate

Located in hounslow
Was known as manor
The name changed to kingsley
And now it’s better than ever
With over 900 students all working hard
This schools not far from touching the stars
Y13: Minuri Madushika Vithana Arachchige 13Q – Smile

I remember how you made me Laugh,
With your dead Jokes.
I miss It,
I miss your Smile .

I remember our conversations,
You talked. I laughed. I mocked.
I miss It.
I miss your Smile.

I remember you on that chair,
Waiting for me to come home.
That's when the nagging starts,
As if I don't get enough of that in school.

I miss It,
I miss your Smile.

I thought of you before
I remember I'd see you again
Now I think of you
I remember
Happiness, Laughter, Smiles.......Sadness

I will never see your smile again.