UK Junior Mathematical Challenge

Twelve students from Year 7 and 15 from Year 8 participated in the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge on 28th April, 2016.

To put the difficulty of the challenge into perspective, over quarter of a million students across UK took the Junior Maths Challenge.
Approximately 6% received a gold certificate, 13% silver and 21% bronze.

Kingsley Academy students were awarded the following: 

 Year Bronze Silver Gold
 8Neeman Mangal
Jozef Boyce
Kamil Lurczuk 
 Klaudia Girucka
(Best in Year Group Certificate)
 7Edward Antrobus
Akshay Jattan
Maciej Grzech
Tejas Bawa
Albert Voicu
Yuvraj Singh
(Best in Year Certificate and Best in School Certificate)

Yuvraj Singh has qualified for - UKMT JUNIOR KANGAROO

This is a fantastic result. Well done to all our students who took part and especially Yuvraj!