Excerpts from [sic8]

posted 10 May 2016, 23:24 by Martin Evans   [ updated 10 May 2016, 23:26 by Kingsley Academy ]
Kingsley Academy is proud to present the latest edition of [sic] magazine! The theme for this issue was Mystery.
We received a huge range of submissions for [sic8] including crime-thriller stories, enigmatic poems and fantastically mysterious artwork.
Here is just a small selection of what we published:

Kamal Wadwa: ‘Home Alone.’ (see below)
Do Not Enter (artwork by Fatih Ahmed) (see below)
The Doll (story by Chantelle Chandler) (see below)

Front page illustration (left) Mystery by Minuri Madushika



Elizabeth Adusei reading ‘girl dog (misinterpret it however)


Nishika Mehta reading ‘Enigma

Home Alone

Do Not Enter

The Doll