Media Magic

posted 13 May 2016, 00:42 by Martin Evans   [ updated 13 May 2016, 00:43 by Kingsley Academy ]
Superb motion-capture photography

It's been another busy and successful year for the Film, Media and Photography department at Kingsley Academy. In the classroom, staff and students have been working very hard. Under the expert guidance of Ms Ewas, the Year 9s have used Photoshop to create some stunning film posters; while the endlessly inventive Mr Sibelly has supported students in producing some extraordinary photography.

As part of their GCSE Media Studies coursework, students created film posters. They came up with ideas for a film, researched the codes and conventions of film posters and then produced their own using Photoshop. As you can see, the final products were eye-catching, creative and show their impressive skills.
Jasneet's (Y
ear 9) s
ci-fi adventure film 'Astro.'

Elham's (
Year 10) 
biographical film 'The Money-Making Eagle.'

Iveta's (
Year 9) 
chilling horror film 'The Killer in School.'