Year 7 Leader 2016-17

posted 1 Jul 2016, 05:45 by Martin Evans   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 05:45 by Kingsley Academy ]
Ms Wayne is a Year Leader who has returned to leading Year 7 as of September 2016. Like all our Year Leaders, she is kind, committed, compassionate and highly effective. Below are extracts from a letter sent to the Principal by a parent whose two children have both been Ms Wayne's care:

"During my six years of being a parent at the school, I never cease to be completely amazed by the care and attention that Ms Wayne offers not only both my children, but also to me as a parent.
Every single time an issue is brought to the attention of Ms Wayne, I am contacted almost immediately, my mind is put at ease and the problem is resolved. I have always felt that the security and happiness of my children is paramount at Kingsley due to this. Other parents that I talk to whose children attend other local schools do not have anyone like a Ms Wayne.".

This parent (Lizzy B), finishes by saying, "I am the Assistant Manager of a Playgroup..and understand the importance of excellent staff and the difference that it makes to a school environment."

As Principal, I am enormously grateful when parents/carers take the time and trouble to feed back to us - and good feedback is such a pleasure for staff to receive.

Lesley Kirby - Principal