Kingsley Academy celebrating Black History Month at the Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow

Selected students were invited to attend the annual celebration of Black History with storyteller Tony Dallas on Tuesday 10 October 2017, alongside other secondary schools.

Tony highlighted some iconic names that have helped to shape and liberate society so that equal opportunities exists today.

N:\Downloads\IMG_7132.JPGThrough poetry, students were taught techniques of expression to be creative and imaginative and then voted for the most original poems.

These were performed and shared on stage as below:

Some quotes from students:

‘I found the trip very interesting and learnt a lot. I feel like I can just write down a poem to express my feelings and the poem doesn’t have to rhyme!’

Emma Bishop 7Y

N:\Downloads\IMG_7117.JPG‘On this trip, I loved that we learnt how to write amazing poems. Tony Dallas spoke to us about rapping and Black History.

I discovered that poems didn’t have to rhyme as long as there was some sense to it. I wrote a poem called ‘Empty Inside’. I will continue to write poems and use it as a way to express myself.’

Jaida Sandhu 7Y

‘In the trip we had so much fun, as we met with other schools and learnt some facts about BHM. Tony showed us techniques to make our poems more personal, meaningful and fun!’

N:\Downloads\IMG_7116.JPGobert 7Y

‘I really like to meet other students from other schools. Tony Dallas spoke to us about Black History and sufferings that people had gone through in the past. The fun part was learning about rapping and writing poems. Tony spoke to us about some skills to help us use to make poems more cool and personal. 

We got to write our own poems and perform them on stage. I really like poems now!’

Charlie 7Q