Curriculum and Facilities

At Kingsley Academy, the curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of individual students. There are a number of different pathways and courses at different levels which you can study. When choosing your courses, you need to consider

• what you enjoy or have an interest in studying

• the grades you expect to achieve at GCSE

• the career route you may want to follow after 6th form

National reforms to AS and A level courses in 2015-16 means that there will be changes for students on particular programmes of study L3. Students who study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, History, Business and Sociology will be pursuing the newly reformed AS levels. This means that the AS course is separate from the A2 qualification.

Key staff at the Academy will help you make your choices. You will be advised about taking particular combinations of subjects, and those with particular career aspirations, such as Medicine, Law and Architecture will be given guidance as to which subjects will be essential for further study. If there are any courses that are not on our list that you would like to study with us, please let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we may be able to introduce additional courses.

Sixth Form Facilities

Students in the Sixth form have access to their own private Common Room, Locker room and Study Facilities, including a newly refurbished Study room with ample IT access for all research and study needs

There is a dedicated post–16 area in the Learning Resource Centre, where students can find a space to study with access to subject specific textbooks and a bank of prospectuses for all British Higher Education institutions. All students are expected to use one of these facilities in their Independent study periods which compromise of all periods when they don’t have timetabled lessons. This means all students are on site for a total of 30 periods a week.