Teachers of Music

Ms C Quinn Larkin - Director of Creative and Performing Arts Faculty
Our music program has creative, cultural, aesthetic and academic values that complete and further the educational and social values of the quality education Kingsley Academy strives to provide. The music department is responsible for helping all children understand and enjoy music. It assists in discovering and nurturing musical talent. Every child will have the opportunity to develop their potential for musical expression through exploration, experimentation and enrichment.

Autumn Half Term 1:Key Stage 3

Year 7: Elements of music

Students in year 7 start learning the building blocks of music performance and composition through understanding the elements of music. Each element is then used to compose and perform a piece of music written for cartoons. Students will make musical decisions about the instruments to use, when to vary dynamics, how texture can emphasise what is happening on screen.

In addition to this, students will complete an extended piece of writing, utilising their every broadening musical vocabulary.

Year 8: African Drumming

Students in year 8 will be studying African drumming, using drums such as djembes, donnos and dun duns to put together a group performance that uses notes from the pentatonic scale, polyrhythms and call and response. They will perform rhythms that are given to them and compose some of their own.

Year 9 Mini Option

Students who have opted to study music in year 9 as their mini option are taking part in the Art Award Bronze programme.

This requires them to complete 4 sections:

A: Taking part (developing music skills)

B: Being the audience (trips to shows and music organisations)

C: Arts Inspiration (researching a music artist that inspires them)

D: Skills share (teaching others some of the skills that they have learned and developed).

Autumn Term 1: Key Stage 4

Year 10 Performing Arts

Year 10 students are following the Btec Performing Arts course, which is broken down into core and optional units. The course is broken down into two compulsory units and one optional unit, where students can chose to focus on developing their acting or musical performance skills. Unit 1 s externally assessed, whereas Unit 2 and the optional unit are assessed in house and externally moderated.


1: Individual Showcase


2: Preparation, Performance and Production


3: Acting Skills


6: Music Performance Skills


Currently, students are working on Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production. In this unit, students will be preparing a performance for a general audience which will take place in the Spring term. They are tasked with creating the promotional material for the production, deciding on the pieces to be performed (combining both music and drama performances), creating a rehearsal schedule and arranging the technical aspects of the performance.

Year 11 Music GCSE

Year 11 follow the Edexcel GCSE music specification. The course is broken into 3 sections; composition, performance and listening and appraising.



1: Performing Music

Students are required to submit 2 performances; one solo and one ensemble.

30% of total GCSE

2: Composing Music

Students are required to submit 2 compositions and written commentaries, acting as justification for their musical choices

30% of total GCSE

3: Music: Listening and Appraising

This aspect of the exam is a written examination. Students are required to study 12 set works in detail. The listening exam consists of 8 sets of shorter questions and one extended essay.

40% of total GCSE

Set Works

Area of Study 1:

Western classical music 1600-1899

Handel - And the Glory of the Lord

Mozart - 1st Movement Symphony No. 40 in G minor

Chopin - Prelude No 15 in D flat major,

Area of Study 2:

Music in the 20th century

Schoenberg - Peripetie

Bernstein - Something’s Coming

Reich - 3rd Movement Electric Counterpoint

Area of Study 3:

Popular music in context

Davis - All Blues

Buckley - Grace

Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Area of Study 4:

World music

Capercaillie - Skye Waulking Song

Rag Desh

Koko - Yiri