Media, Film and Photography Department

Teachers of Media

Mr. M. McTurk – Subject Team Leader
Ms. F. Ewas – Media Studies Teacher

We offer GCSE Media Studies.
At Key Stage 5 we offer A Level Film Studies. All three subjects offer an excellent mix of the practical and the theoretical.

GCSE Media Studies (OCR)
  • Action Adventure Films - exam 
  • Television Comedy - exam 
  • Individual Portfolio - controlled assessment 
  • Production Portfolio- controlled assessment
GCSE Photography (Edexcel)
  • Unit One - external assessment assignment 
  • Unit Two - external assessment assignment 
A Level Film (WJEC)

  • Living with Crime- exam 
  • American Horror - exam 
  • Creative project - controlled assessment 
  • Micro features analysis - controlled assessment
A Level
  • Urban Stories - exam 
  • Spectatorship – exam 
  • Creative project - controlled assessment 
  • Small-scale research project - controlled assessment