Year 7 Citizenship, 1 period a week (taught with R.E.)

  • Rights and rules at school home and the community
  • Introduction to human and children rights, responsibilities and actions
  • Discrimination, including disability, racism, islamophobia, gender and homophobia

Year 8 Citizenship, 1 period a week (taught with R.E.)

  • Human and Children’s Rights
  • Child labour and child soldiers (including Sierra Leone case study)
  • Conflict resolution (including bullying, conflict at home, nationally and internationally)
  • Introduction to the Media (including types and its influence)

Year 9 Citizenship, 1 period a week

  • Being Global Citizens (including case study scenarios, fair trade and water)
  • Refugees and immigration (including Key terms, current “crisis” and case studies)
  • Introduction to Law and Order – justice, punishment and rehabilitation
  • Diversity – identity, Britishness (and values), multiculturalism
  • UK and the wider the world – introduction to UK relations with international organisations
  • Introduction to the Economy – key concepts and case studies

GSCE Citizenship, years 10-11

Identity, democracy and justice (worth 20% of final grade)
  • Community
  • Law
  • Voting
  • UK’s relations with the wider the world

Rights and responsibilities (worth 20% of final grade)

  • In school and college
  • In the community
  • In the economy and welfare system
  • In a global context

Controlled Assessments (worth 60% of final grade)

  • Active citizenship campaign (Rights and responsibilities issue)
  • Enquiry and practical action (Identity, democracy and justice issue)