GCSE Humanities, years 10-11

Core topics

Culture and Beliefs (worth 18.75% of final grade)
  • What is “culture”? Compare communities and countries
  • How is culture transmitted and changed? Socialisation and migration
  • What are “issues”? Capital punishment case study
Environmental issues (worth 18.75% of final grade)
  • How do people and groups use the environment?
  • What challenges are there?
  • How and why do individuals and groups respond?
  • What possible solutions are there?

Select 2 of the following topic options (worth 18.75% each of final grade)

Prejudice and persecution
  • What is prejudice and how does it lead to discrimination?
  • How can prejudice and discrimination lead to persecution?
  • How can prejudice and discrimination be challenged and reduced?
Family and socialisation
  • What is meant by “family”?
  • What are the functions of the family?
  • What influences family life?
  • Why has family life changed?

Conflict and co-operation
  • What are the basic rights, freedoms and responsibilities?
  • Conflict at local/community, national and international levels – causes, effects, consequences and resolutions
  • Case studies at all levels
Controlled Assessment essay (worth 25% of final grade)
  • Investigation and essay on a topical issue from one of the areas covered in the course.