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Teachers of EAL

Mrs C Scarrott - Team Leader

Ms L Black

Ms C Fletcher

Mrs Y Scott

Ms K Dragun

EAL Team

Our Vision

We are committed to raise the achievement of students for whom English is an additional language as well as to provide them with a safe, secure and welcoming environment. We identify individual students’ needs and seek to ensure equality of access to the curriculum. We foster and develop opportunities for students to build on and cash in on existing skills in line with their need through a personalised curriculum. We endeavour to make EAL students confident, independent and effective learners, that feel they belong and can contribute to their community.  We strive to have good EAL practice knitted into the fabric of the school.


  • we are a multicultural school. Students arrive in school at various stages of learning English from a wide range of cultural, linguistic, educational backgrounds and life experiences.

  • the progress and achievement of all EAL students in this school is at least as good as the national average with many students making exceptional progress, achieving good GCSE results despite having arrived at the school speaking little or no English.

How we help EAL students:

  • identify their needs on arrival

  • monitor and support their integration to make them feel safe and confident

  • monitor their progress and needs

  • work in partnership with other teachers to support their learning of English alongside the curriculum

  • teach them specialist courses to help them develop their English

  • encourage them and provide them with opportunities to the development literacy in their first language as it helps them to learn English

  • meet and talk with parents to help them understand the UK school system and advise them of their child’s progress and how best they can help them

  • offer and develop courses that suit them and give them the qualifications they need including IGCSE English as a Second Language and ESOL