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Fireworks - keeping safe

posted 18 Oct 2017, 03:45 by Michele Colt

We are approaching Fireworks Night so it is a good time to remind ourselves about how to keep safe and enjoy the evening. Go the official safety website for rules, regulations and top tips for having a great Guy Fawkes Night on the 5 November!

National Poetry Day - winners announced!

posted 8 Oct 2017, 03:56 by Michele Colt

The English Department and the Library marked our first National Poetry Day in the new building with a boisterous celebration of poetry and all things poetical.

English lessons were dedicated to poetry throughout the day and the Library hosted the now annual lunchtime poetry event which saw members of the school community convene to discuss the important role poetry has played in shaping our understanding of the world.  Guests were fed on light snacks and readings of powerful verse written around this year’s theme: Freedom. Much of the poetry read out at the event was original verse written by our learners as a response to the English department’s call for entries to our poetry competition.  As always we were delighted and impressed with the reaction of our poets.

Choosing the winners was not an easy task, as so many students wrote lyrical and thought-provoking responses to the theme of Freedom. In the end, the judgement came down to the poets’ originality and to how well they had used language, structure and imagery. The winning poem, ‘Big Sis!’ is a passionate observation of the injustice meted out to minorities in the postmodern world. It is clear that the poet, Nicole Kalungwishi-Can (Y11), has a genuine understanding of the power of words and, by extension, the important role words can play in changing views and attitudes. The winning entry shows an awareness that poetry can be a medium to process anger and frustration – a clarion call to us all to stop and think about who we are and what we’re doing.  In second place, ‘Pride’ by Francis Mulcahy (Y11) is an example of the power of poetry as a form of expression. The honesty and vulnerability of the poem moved the judging panel, but they were equally impressed with the imagery and structures used. Finally, in third place, ‘This is Freedom’ shows once again that poetry triggers in us a fire that cannot be dampened. Neharika Limbu (Y8) shows an assurance beyond her years in her choice of language and imagery, responding to the theme in a visceral and polemic way. Freedom, it seems, means something to our students. 

Other than the three winners, we would also like to mention the quality of the other entries. The English department was blown away by the creativity and talent that was on display. The winning entries and other poems will be up on the website for you to digest. Many of the best entries will be included in the next issue of [sic] due for release in December.        

Well done everyone!


Big Sis

"Big sis"
Some people legit take the piss
Of my his-tory
They think I lift my fist 
Up for nothin’
They have a list 
Of people to annihilate
This is what society may end up becoming 
where the privileged make the
not so blessed kiss their behinds 

Mistaking kindness for being weak
Humble for being cheap
Thinkin' of my skin as a joke
-  ie., thinking I'm ghetto for saying YO
Making me feel so freaking low
Fo’ shaw

'nother word
So absurd 
I think they might've heard
'Dear white people'
Asking us to be equal
Parallel sequels that may never end
Therefore, we'll never be equal

Always blacks verses whites
Everyone loves and hates lights
We gotta shine a light on this topic
And focus more on equity and fight
For people to visualize such sight

Right now it's black lives matter
And I believe that all lives matter 
But right now we need it more than ever
Because more people want to erase us forever
Some go as far as wishing it was us killed in nine-eleven... 

I went too far on that one. 
I apologize 

I’m just so sick of society continuing to fantasize
About their happy ending

And we're all affected
Black, white,
You can be Indian
I hate how Muslims 
Are all accused of terrorism
Which is why we all got to keep going
And keep the boat floating

For a time will come where we'll all stop living
And the after-life will greet you with a light high up sitting
And asking you: what were you doing?




Hated yesterday, accepted today 
Banned and hated by people with dark hearts
Loved by those with hearts of gold.

These people were called oddities
But I’m proud to be one of them in our own home, our own end

The happiness to be different
The happiness to be gay.



This is Freedom

Do you remember those days?
Shackled we were,
Downtrodden, beaten, and killed.
Wings shredded and torn,
Flesh pulled from our backs,
Leaving scars that carried our shame. 
But at last the time has come,
To end our suffering.
To burn it down, to burn it all,
Their ships, their castles, and their lives,
For this is freedom, I am sure.
The moment the sky rains the cruel King’s blood is the day we all will be free,
When all will feast on splendid pork,
And cheers will ring in my name,
When my wings, tainted red, arise again,
For that is my freedom, I am sure.


Kingsley Academy's new home is "fantastic."

posted 4 Oct 2017, 06:37 by Michele Colt

Kingsley Academy students and staff have moved into their new building and are delighted with what they can now call their educational home, Set over 5 floors the building is bright and airy centred around a central atrium where the cafeteria is located. Each floor is colour coded depending on the faculty and each classroom has state of the art equipment with groundbreaking interactive technology which really brings subjects to life. Valanca D said, "The new school building is amazing as it has got excellent facilities, an amazing kitchen with a lot of space. Also a beautiful assembly hall which is comfortable. The classrooms are brilliant because they are clean and are big. The toilets have excellent facilities and you don’t have to wait for long to use a washroom like before. Decent painted walls, which make the school look amazing."

Students comments on new build September 2017.docx

Kingsley Academy Open Morning Tours 2017

posted 14 Sep 2017, 06:00 by Kingsley Academy   [ updated 15 Sep 2017, 02:03 ]

Kingsley Academy Open Morning Tours 2017 with the Principal will start at  at 9.30am on the following dates:

  • Friday 22nd September

  • Tuesday 26th September

  • Wednesday 4th October

  • Tuesday 10th October

  • Friday 13th October

  • Friday 20th October

Please ring or email Julie Traynor, PA to the Principal, to reserve your place: or 020 8572 4461.

GCSE results day - Kingsley Academy results, “much to be proud of.”

posted 24 Aug 2017, 11:11 by Michele Colt

Kingsley Academy announced its GCSE results today. 60% of students achieved a pass in English with an impressive 12% achieving level 7 or above. In maths, 57% achieved passes with 14% of those securing a level 7 or above. 44% of students achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and maths, an increase on
last year. 

Teaching staff were thrilled that four students managed to score that hard-to-attain Grade 9 in English or maths. This grade is awarded to the top 20% of A* candidates so these students are really la crème de la crème of 16 year-olds in England.  Alex, Ocean, Arantsha and Ashnoi managed to score 20 As and A*s in addition to these Grade 9s. These grades must, of course, be seen in the context of new, harder exams (as reported in the national press) and are a testament to the hard work and commitment of both staff and students.  Many others did extremely well too: Kamal, Trudy, Nabil, Ana and Alex scored 36 As and A* between them, and twelve Grade 7s and 8s in maths and English, with these grades being the equivalent of A or A* in the previous system.

Many students performed extraordinarily well against their targets and we are equally proud of these. Some students who arrived from abroad with little English managed, in less than 2 years, to get a pass in English and a clutch of very good results elsewhere: Safin, for example, scored 2 As, 2Bs and a Grade 8 in maths.

Subjects with excellent results include all three sciences, maths, art & design, business, humanities, ICT and Spanish. 

Student Arantsha wrote: “The school did a lot of work for us and pushed us really hard with the after school revision sessions and lots more” and Nola thanked the school for its “interventions, pizza and lots of love and support!”

Lesley Kirby-Klappholz, Headteacher, described herself as, “so pleased that our students managed to pull out some extraordinary grades”, and goes on to say: “Being the guinea-pig year is no easy option, yet they attended extra sessions (thanks to the dedication of Kingsley staff) and put their hearts into their studies, with the results that we have seen.  I am very proud that so many have ‘made their best better’”.

Kingsley Academy delighted with “wonderful” A level results

posted 18 Aug 2017, 04:08 by Michele Colt

We are absolutely thrilled that Kingsley Academy A level students have achieved results which have far exceeded all previous years. More than ¼ of our grades were A* or A, and over 80% of grades were A*-C. All grades
were pass grades.  The higher grades were across almost all subjects including the three sciences, maths, history, citizenship and graphics.
These outstanding results mean that Kingsley students have a very wide choice of university places, many submitting applications to Russell Group universities.
Top achievers include Shifa Batliwala who gained 2 A* and an A, Anamaria Dragulin who achieved 2 A* and a B, Patryk Dziatkiewicz who got A* and 2 As, Barbara Moura who got A* and 2 As and Kamran Waheed who got A*, A and B. Students’ descriptions of their experience of Kingsley 6th included: “excellent”; “teachers always try their best to give us the best resources”; “fantastic”; "supportive"; “the teaching is really good/great”; “some of the best years of my life”.  Amber Tulett, this year's Head Girl, was thrilled to gain the results to allow her to access her longed for teacher training course at Roehampton and she wrote that Kingsley had been "well worth the 7 years!”.
The senior leaders responsible for 6th form, Ms Surani and Ms Naidu, said:  “We are very pleased with the fantastic achievements of our students and we are delighted that the results reflect the efforts they have made to reach their potential and ‘make their best better’”.
Headteacher Ms Kirby says: “These results are wonderful and illustrate so clearly that the Ofsted ‘good’ judgement for 6th form was thoroughly deserved. I want to thank the superb staff, as well as our great students and the leadership team, who, together, are the authors of these achievements”.

Kingsley at Annie the Musical

posted 12 Jul 2017, 07:27 by Michele Colt

The sun will come out tomorrow... well it certainly did on July 6th, when a group of year 8 and 9 students braved the sweltering heat to make the journey to London's West End to watch Annie the Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre. After stopping at the statue of Eros for an obligatory photo, we made out way to the theatre and took our seats (we had a great view from the stalls). 

From the first musical number, we knew we were Gonna Like It. While Daddy Warbucks sang that 'Something Was Missing', we could tell that nothing was. The staging was imaginative and captured the era of the musical whilst taking a modern slant, the acting was engaging (particular mention to the Little Girls who played the orphans) and in terms of the singing, we didn't Need Anything But the glorious vocals from each cast member.

Everyone really enjoyed the performance; we were left laughing and crying in equal measures. Despite the emotional roller coaster we went on, it was anything but a Hard Knock Life for students who got to attend the performance. So Maybe now this reference to the songs from the musical, is the last one that I'll write... bonus points if you can spot the others! Huge thanks to Ms Hook who accompanied the trip.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards announced

posted 12 Jul 2017, 06:53 by Michele Colt

We are delighted to announce that the following students have achieved Jack Petchey achievement awards.  With their medal, they receive £250 to spend in school on an area of their choice.

Matilda T (Year 9)
“Matilda cares passionately about the academy and ensuring that it lives up to its motto to 'make our best better'.  To do this she has been committed to the student parliament attending every meeting and representing her peers.  She had the idea of setting up a student support group and rallied together a group of students to support each other and provide a voice for students too uncomfortable to speak out themselves.  She also willing to throw herself into a challenge and from Duke of Edinburgh to school pantomime, she has shown resilience, enthusiasm and a sense of humour.”
Spending her money on Peer2Peer mentoring training.
Nicole K-C (Year 10)
“Nicole is an inspirational example of someone who has overcome adversity and come back fighting.  She presented a brave, moving speech to her year group and went on to represent the academy at the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge.  She is determined to give a voice to students who may find it difficult to speak out themselves and is a founding member of a peer mentoring group with its sole purpose to support each other.  She is a strong, positive personality who embodies her year groups’ motto – ‘my past will not define me; my future will.”
Spending her money on Peer2Peer mentoring training.
Ana B (Year 8)
“Ana is determined to make sure they academy is a happy place.  She is part of a Year 8 committee that meet regularly to discuss school improvement.  She is very good at reporting potential incidents of bullying or inappropriate behaviour she sees others experiencing. She always stands up for her peers.  She has also shown great commitment to the world of sport, both with her own personal success in and out of school and supporting other students to achieve.”
Spending her money on promoting/ coaching/equipment for basketball.
Dhondup D (Year 10)
“Dhondup showed amazing team spirit whilst on DofE expeditions and really shone out from the crowd. He was helpful and looked out for not only his own team members but also for those in different groups. Dhondup was hardworking and determined throughout the award and in particular the expeditions. He had a real  "can do" attitude, and showed impressive problem solving skills. Being the only male in a group of five females Dondup went out of his way to ensure the girls were safe and supported at all times. He has also demonstrated excellence in sport, tremendous effort in his studies and commitment to the academy as a whole throughout the year.”
 Spending his money on equipment for D of E
Rajat P (Year 12)
“Rajat has consistently been hardworking throughout his time at Kingsley Academy.  He was of the students who made the most progress from his starting points at GCSEs and has continued with this positive attitude to hard work in our sixth form this year.  He strives for nothing but excellence.  It is hard to think of a more deserving student who is well-rounded and lovely.”
 Spending his money on resources for the new 6th form study space.

Kayla T(Year 10)
“Kayla has been a fantastic Sports Ambassador over the past year and has thrown herself at everything I have asked her to do. She has attended activities that were outside her comfort zone and worked hard to overcome her self doubts and help younger students to achieve. This was clear at the Sky Sports Dare to be Different event at the local Daytona go kart track, she encouraged the groups she was working with to present in front of a camera. She has an amazing character which enables the younger students around her to feel more relaxed and to take part in the activities. She has trained to be a walking basketball activator and designed posters to encourage non active students to attend a club. Kayla will happily help out in all events, including the primary school indoor athletics and is excellent at organising herself and others. She has an infectious personality which will help her go far.”
Spending her money on promoting/ coaching/equipment for football.

Please congratulate them/thank them if you see them.

School dates update from Ms Kirby-Klappholz

posted 28 Jun 2017, 05:14 by Michele Colt

I am writing to you with some important news about several dates this term and, very importantly,  the start of the Autumn term. Please note the following:

Reminders for this term:
  • - Sports Day takes place on Friday 7th July at Osterley Sports Ground - students go straight there for 8.30. Some students will remain in school to help with our Year 5 A Life in the Day of Kingsley Academy activity
  • - Progress Review Day Tuesday 11th July 
  • - The Year 9 Graduation Ceremony will take place on Wednesday 12 July at 1.30pm
  • - The International Evening takes place on Thursday 13 July (time to be advised)
  • - The final staff training day (we are entitled to a number of these each year) will take place on Tuesday 18 July periods 1 and 2. This means that students should attend school at 10.30 in order to start school on that day at period 3.
The school will close for the summer holidays at 11.30 on Thursday 20 July (see below). Those children wanting a meal or in receipt of a free school meal will be able to eat it at break time on the 20th July.

A very exciting piece of news is that our new build is almost complete and we are due to move in on September 4th 2017. The building project manager is very clear that staff will need a few days to move their things and set up and check the systems and processes. Therefore, we will be ending school one day early (to pack - see above) and the start of the Autumn term 2017 will be delayed:

  • Years 7, 11 and 12 return to school on Friday 8th September. 
  • Year 11 arrive at 8.25 
  • Year 7 arrive at 9.25
  • Year 12 arrive at 10.45
  • Years 8, 9, 10, 13 return to school on Monday 11th September
  • ALL Year groups arrive for 8.25 start
I do hope that the later start of the school year will not prove too inconvenient. 

Yours faithfully,

Ms L Kirby-Klappholz

Ofsted reports on Kingsley

posted 28 Jun 2017, 04:39 by Kingsley Academy

Kingsley Academy underwent an Ofsted inspection on 6 and 7 June 2017. 
The report can be seen and downloaded here

While the overall judgement remains at Requires Improvement I am delighted to see much of the good work being done at this academy being acknowledged. Our 6th Form, Behaviour and Personal Development and Welfare were all deemed 'good' which is very encouraging. Leadership and Management were also rated good which means that parents and carers can be reassured that we will continue to tackle those specific areas identified as "requiring improvement", robustly. For instance, the concerns regarding the number of supply teachers are already resolved for the next academic year, I am glad to say.  It is also important to reiterate that the judgement showed most children to be making good or better progress. 

Despite the overall judgement not moving as we had hoped, there is much to be pleased about. I can assure you that myself, the Senior Leadership Team and staff remain committed to making further positive strides over the next year.

Thank you for your continued support as we make those positive changes.

Lesley Kirby-Klappholz

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