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Grayson Perry, The Serpentine Gallery and Kingsley Academy...

posted 22 Jun 2017, 03:10 by Michele Colt

Kingsley's Key Stage 5 art students enjoyed a trip to see popular artist Grayson Perry's work at the Serpentine Gallery. This is what 6th former Perry S made of the experience.

"We went to the Serpentine Gallery to see Grayson Perry's art exhibition called "The most popular art exhibition ever". Whilst we were there, we visually observed and analysed several pieces of his artwork, particularly the vases he created about Brexit. After, we went to eat lunch and discussed our feelings and opinions about the artwork and how it impacted on us as individual artists. Overall, the exhibition was amazing because the artwork was beautifully constructed both sentimentally and aesthetically, which we found helpful because it gave us direction and inspiration to come up with out topics for our A2 project."

Wear green for Grenfell this Friday

posted 20 Jun 2017, 08:45 by Michele Colt   [ updated 22 Jun 2017, 01:57 ]

Kingsley is inviting students to wear something green this Friday 23 June in exchange for a small donation to the Grenfell Fire Fund.  Please note that all Items must remain in keeping with uniform policy eg if a skirt, reasonable length etc Thank you for your support.

Cultural experiences come back to back...

posted 17 Jun 2017, 14:25 by Michele Colt

On May 17th students from Y
ears 8 and 9 braved the wet and windy weather to make the journey to the New Wimbledon Theatre to watch a musical based on the creepiest and kookiest family around, The Addams Family

Tho story of the musical revolves around Wednesday Addams, now grown up, who has fallen in love with a boy, who incidentally her parents do not approve of. The performance takes places over the course of a torturous evening during which: both sets of parents meet, the Addams try to act normal (you can imagine how well that goes), Uncle Fester professes his love for the moon, Pugsley unwittingly poisons someone, and the spirits of the numerous and diverse Addams ancestry are unable to return to the afterlife so spend their time roaming the house and acting as the chorus that alerts us to what's happening.

The show was a huge success; songs were memorable and catchy, the dialogue witty and fast paced, the costumes were works of art, and the performers gave it their all to make the singing, dancing and acting worthy of a standing ovation. Despite the rainy weather, it definitely wasn't a washout. Huge thanks to Ms McCutcheon for accompanying the trip.

On June 7th, a lucky group of year 7s went to Richmond Theatre to watch a performance of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by the Northern Ballet. This was a performance like no other the students had experienced before and proved to be both a challenge and an inspiration to watch.

The story follows 8-year-old Bruno and his family leave Berlin to take up residence near the concentration camp where his father has just become commandant. Unhappy and lonely, he wanders out behind his house one day and finds Shmuel, a Jewish boy of his age. Though the barbed-wire fence of the camp separates them, the boys begin a forbidden friendship, oblivious to the real nature of their surroundings.

The climate of segregation and degradation of the Jewish people was expertly portrayed through an expressionist musical score, whose melodies were fittingly fractured and harmonies dissonant. Despite this, the fluidity of movement shown by the dancers of Norther Ballet was beautiful to behold and utterly deserving of the applause garnered. Huge thanks to Mr Haque for accompanying the trip.

KA decides - the 2017 mock election

posted 14 Jun 2017, 08:26 by Michele Colt   [ updated 14 Jun 2017, 08:29 ]

As a school, we are keen to involve students in all aspects of their school and learning. So, as has become a common event in KA over the last few years, we held a Mock election campaign to coincide with the “snap” general election. This included speeches by 5 Year 10 candidates, “hustings” and a vote on 8 June, to replicate the UK general election. It was fantastic to see how politically educated our students have become, taking a real interest in the issues that affect their lives.  In mimicking the real process as closely as possible, ballot papers and a ballot box were set up for years 7-10 and staff to cast their votes in. The whole day was overseen by Returning Officers (Citizenship students and staff) to ensure fair play. By common consensus, the speeches and Q&A hustings were very professionally delivered. Some of the teachers’ comments included: “All assemblies and speeches were great”; “The comparisons between different parties helped the students to decide how to vote, details were good to help us understand what the parties stood for, and it felt very realistic.” 

After a fairly fought campaign, the Labour Party (Maria) won with 55% of the vote, followed by UKIP (Ranveer) 14%, Green Party (Rio) 13%, Conservative Party (Wojciech) 10%, and Liberal Democrats (Summer) 7%. All the candidates agreed that they had learnt a lot from the process, including key communication and the whole range of literacy skills. They were fantastic and a credit to themselves, year 10 and the Humanities faculty. Another KA success, well done to everyone involved; and given the real life results, we may be doing the same again in the Autumn!

Duke of Edinburgh dress rehearsal - by Charlotte D

posted 14 Jun 2017, 07:53 by Michele Colt

On the weekend of 13
th May, thirty-four pupils ranging from Year 9 up to Year 13 took part in the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. This expedition was a practice for the real thing in June. Many pupils had never been camping or hiking before; very exciting! Early on Saturday morning, the pupils arrived at school, stocked up with ASDA’s finest snacks, waterproofs and all their equipment, ready for a weekend of camping and hiking in the Surrey Hills. The drive up there took us through the chocolate-box village of Shere, and we all held our breath as the coach driver skilfully navigated his way through the narrow country lanes. Once set up at the campsite, tents at the ready, the pupils split into four groups, all accompanied by teachers. Armed with a compass, map, and route card, each group was responsible for navigating to their next checkpoint, a process that would take 6 and a half hours walking through the forests and hills. One group managed to cover around 15km in one day! Sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows was a nice end to the long day. Despite some getting lost, panting for breath on steep uphill climbs, and cooking their own meals in the evening (noodles aplenty!) it was warming to see everyone bonding and working together, and the teachers were extremely proud of the maturity, behaviour and teamwork that each group demonstrated. We wish all pupils the best of luck for their next expedition. Massive thanks to all the teachers who volunteered to help out with the weekend, and a bigger thanks to Ms McCarron for organising it all!

Cisco work experience success for Kingsley students

posted 25 Apr 2017, 02:30 by Michele Colt

Four Kingsley Academy students have been selected from 250 applications countrywide for work experience with CISCO. Wojciech R and Chelsea T were selected for the technical stream with Gloria DS and Olrica QF selected for the business stream. 

They will be visiting CISCO from the 3 - 7 July. This is a stepping stone towards our goal of embedding STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) within the school and developing the vital industry links providing the pathway to future STEM careers. Education helps our students to appreciate what options are available helping them to direct their efforts appropriately. The Cisco initiative is an example of that very important objective. Congratulations to all of the year 10s selected. We are very proud of you.  

Guest singer/ rapper/ songwriter YO visits KA

posted 20 Apr 2017, 02:54 by Michele Colt

Years 8 and 9  were treated to an afternoon of music and talk from singer/rapper/songwriter Yomi Maison Davies (also known as YO) just before Easter. Students waved their hands in the air, sang along with some of the songs performed, and danced. There was a lot of dancing (well done year 8!).

The joyous mood turned serious as YO described his life growing up and the troubles he faced, but how he ultimately overcame these problems by making the decision and taking responsibility to get his life onto the right track. It was an important message and one we can all learn from. 

Once the performance was over, Arts Award students in years 8 and 9 and some of the BTEC Performing Arts class sat down with Yomi, asking him questions about his career in music to date, what inspired him, his production process and much more. A favourite quote taken away from the interview, when asked why he had chosen music as a career; 'I didn't choose music, music chose me'.

Year 7 castle project

posted 5 Apr 2017, 06:07 by Michele Colt

Year 7 have been studying castles in history this term. As well as building their own fantastic castles as part of the project, students have been assessing the benefits of the motte and bailey castle against the traditional stone castle. Some of the work delivered by our Year 7s have been of the very highest standard. Congratulations to Maryam A and Thivaparan L for two pieces of excellent work. Click on their names to view.

Understanding exam reforms

posted 5 Apr 2017, 05:46 by Kingsley Academy

The government have published an exam reform PDF outlining when subjects will be migrating to the new exam grading system and how that grading system works. You can access it here

Happy Mothers Day!

posted 24 Mar 2017, 13:41 by Michele Colt

7X would like to saya big thank you to the women in their lives that support them. Not just mothers but carers too. Students made mugs, cards and silk screened bags as small tokens of their appreciation. 

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