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A Level Results Day 2015

(Above) Surmeet and Papinder are delighted that their results are better than they expected. They said, "Overall, we are pleased. Motivation is the key to success. We are so happy to go to Brunel University to study Law. To all other 6th Form students, never give up!"

Kingsley Academy is proud to announce another year of improved A Level results following on from the significant improvement achieved by students and staff last year.

Over 75% of all students achieved an A*-C with close to 40% of those achieving an A*-B, compared to 69% and 35% last year.

Top attaining students include:

Marco Alves  A*AB in Citizenship, Maths and Geography. Marco is going  to read Maths at Surrey University.
Paula Krycka  A*AB in History, Geography and Polish. Paula is going to read Japanese at Sheffield University.
Nargis Latif  A*AB in Citizenship, Business and ICT. Nargis is going to read Law at SOAS University.
Isaac Suzuki  A*AB in ICT, Japanese and Film Studies. Isaac is our first student to be given an unconditional offer to study Film and Media at Roehampton University. Unconditional offers from Universities are extremely rare.

The following students also secured A* grades in a range of different subjects. A* is the highest grade attainable at A level.

Mahidhar Dronavalli, Miraj Patel, Mohsin Shaikh, Danika Tankaria and Nimpreet Vadva

The Kingsley 6th form has expanded rapidly over the course of the last 2 years and so a greater number of students have been challenged and supported through their post 16 education with notable and sustained success.

Through the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, our students are able to pursue their chosen pathway. We would like to wish all of our students the very best in their future endeavours.

 Victoria, our head girl, is happy with her results and is determined to beat them in year 13

Students get their first look at their results

Some of our highest achieving students share their success. All have secured a place at the university of their choice. Kimberley is ecstatic that she has secured a place at Queen Mary's University. She said that she has become a more independent learner in the 6th form and that this will help her succeed in the future.

What a great day!

What a great day!

Proud students are elated with their success. Miraj is happy with his overall results and feels that his hard work has paid off.
He goes off to De Montfort to study Computer Science

Nargis has consistently achieved excellence over the last two years and is really happy with her results.
She said, "It shows that hard work pays off. Thank you to my teachers."

Great results

Great results

Sara is thrilled that her results beat her expectations and that her focus and commitment paid off. She said, "It was a
collective effort from me, my parents and teachers. To other students, study hard and believe in yourself'."