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Black History Event 2015

Sandra Agard Professional Storyteller

Black History Month Tuesday 6th October 2015

To celebrate Black History Month (BHM), secondary schools collaborated with the School Library Service (SLS) and organised a visit by acclaimed author, storyteller and literature consultant Sandra Agard on Tuesday 6th October at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Hounslow.
This is what some of our students said about the event:

"During the time in the theatre, we listened to amazing stories about Black History Month. As it was interactive, it was an outstanding performance to watch; bringing stories from the past alive for the present. I learned things I never knew, things that I was intrigued by. Overall, I am really thankful for that I attended and I hope we can do this again."
Gulalai Khan 7Q

"While we were at the theatre we were told about some famous black people, one of whom sneaked slaves out of the American south and took them to the north along the Underground Railroad. Sandra invited us to name as many famous black people as possible and she also told us a few stories."
Tyler Clark 8X

"When I was in the theatre, I enjoyed the stories and all the things the storyteller shared with us. We learned about some famous black people and we even counted 1 to 10 in different languages from around the world. I enjoyed the different plays we performed and the real-life stories we were told."
Pranesh Dara 7X