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Borough Athletics Stars!

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that yesterday's (26 June) Borough Athletics event was a great success for Kingsley Academy.

We left school at lunchtime to go up to Osterley Athletics track with a team of 24 students from years 9 & 10 with quite a lot of nerves and anticipation, but this was to be unfounded.

The support the students gave each other was amazing with one of students actually helping to teach students from other schools the triple jump technique! They were given the responsibility of organising their relay teams - Paris had even sorted the team and order before I even spoke to her! 

Mr Bevan, Mr Pitts, Ms McCutcheon and myself were all impressed by the responsibility and independence each student took for getting to their event on time as well as making sure that each other got to their event on time, and cheering and supporting each other when they were performing.

Results :-
Elizabeth Adusei 1st in 100m and BOROUGH CHAMPION (missed school record by 0.18s) said, "It feels good.  I didn't think I'd do as well as I did."
Nathan Angel 4th in 100m , 2nd in long jump and  1st in 400m and BOROUGH CHAMPION (NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 59.02) said, "It feels good."
Deborah Barreto 3rd in 200m (0.13 off school record)
Daanish Chughtai 2nd in 200m and NEW SCHOOL RECORD (24.81) said, "The prestige of beating the school record for the 200m is great and I hope it lasts for many years."
Samha Ami 1st in 300m and BOROUGH CHAMPION,4th in high jump said, "It feels great and amazing and I was happy Ms Cornelius chose me."
Alvinio Pierre Louis 1st in 800m and BOROUGH CHAMPION
George Boyce 3rd in 1500m, 4th in high jump
Beverly Joy De Jesus 1st in triple jump & 1st in javelin making her a DOUBLE BOROUGH CHAMPION!!! said, "I was so happy when I won the triple jump, and then even happier when I won the javelin too."
Siddarth Handa 3rd in triple jump
Yr10 boys relay team (Nathan, George, Daanish & Alvinio) came 3rd & NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 51.10
Yr10 girls relay team (Elizabeth, Deborah, Samha & Joy) came 2nd & NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 59.53
Krishma Sawami 4th in 200m
Perry Stroud 6th in 200m
Nikita Lahov 1st in 400m and BOROUGH CHAMPION
Lily Bela 5th in 800m, 2nd in high jump
Samim Amini 5th in 800m and 3rd in triple jump, 4th in shot putt
Daniel St.Pierre 4th in 1500m, 6th in high jump
Yr9 boys relay team (Perry, Mandeep, Marcasse & Nikita) came 5th
Yr9 girls relay team (Lily, Paris, Krishma & Jessica) came 3rd

results for:-
Anissa Ghazi - 5th in hurdles 
Paris O'Donogue-Ali - 6th in 100m
Anita Simsone - 5th in shot putt
Mandeep Chaatwal - 5th in hurdles, 6th in long jump
Marcasse St.Luce - 5th in 100m
Wesley Chika - 5th in discus, 6th in javelin
Azhar Yahya - 5th in shot putt
Krishma Sawami - 6th in 200m

All students who broke school records will be presented with a certificate in their respective sports assembly and the school records amended to show their name.

If they came top 4 in their event they will receive their athletics colours if they have not already received these.

Year 9 girls came 6th overall
Year 9 boys came 5th overall
Year 10 girls came 4th overall
Year 10 boys came 3rd overall

by Ms. J Cornelius - PE Team Leader