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British Science Week

posted 21 Apr 2016, 06:46 by Martin Evans   [ updated 5 May 2016, 00:22 by Kingsley Academy ]
A very busy week in ICT/CS. We celebrated British Science Week (BSW) 2016. BSW is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, maths and computer science.

KS3 (years 7 & 8) took part in lessons where they were able to design games using the Scratch application, ranging from different levels of difficulty 1-3. By accessing they managed to incorporate fun learning into their passion for games.

KS4 (year 9) were lucky enough to have a guest speaker, Mr Cameron Beere, from Rackspace, come to talk to them about what he does as a LINUX Systems Administrator and show them some really innovative and exciting projects that Rackspace lead on. Cameron was very impressed with how well behaved our students were and how happy he was to have visited such a lovely school.

"It was an absolute pleasure to come along and meet the ICT class. It was the highlight of my week to come to Kingsley Academy and speak to a bunch of kids who were lively and obviously engaged with the topic. It was interesting to see what's being taught at British secondary schools around computing; I wish I got to do work like the Scratch activity the class did when I was still in school. All in all a very positive experience and I'm glad I was able to come along and share some insights about the IT industry with your students. Cheers, Cameron."

KS5 also had a guest speaker talk with them. IT Developer, Entrepreneur, Programmer and Ecommerce web developer, Mr Hav Singh. Hav spoke to the students about their education pathways, job prospects after university and careers thereafter. The students were very impressed by one of the clients that Hav works for, Gumball300, which is a supercars rally that takes place globally. Once again, our students were commended on their behaviour, attitude, and how well they managed to convey ideas of their future. Hav was enthusiastic about two year 13 girls, Suin-Parie and Alexia, studying an IT/CS course at university. He mentioned how wonderful it is to see female students progressing in computer sciences, as there is still much work to do to narrow the gap of males vs females in this sector.

"I just wanted to follow up on the speech you invited me to give last week and reiterate my thanks for the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with your pupils, telling them about my career and businesses and how I got here through my education. The pupils were extremely well-behaved and asked lots of thoughtful and relevant questions - it seems like what I had to say resonated with them and I wish them all the best. Based on what they had to say, I can see a bright future ahead if they carry on with this attitude. I would very much look forward to coming in again for a similar opportunity in the future. Best Regards, Hav."

Finally, we were lucky enough to take part in the year 6 Friendship Party. It was lovely to see so many happy and enthusiastic students coming to Kingsley. They enjoyed coding with Minecraft and were thrilled with their special evening.