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Grayson Perry, The Serpentine Gallery and Kingsley Academy...

posted 22 Jun 2017, 03:10 by Michele Colt
Kingsley's Key Stage 5 art students enjoyed a trip to see popular artist Grayson Perry's work at the Serpentine Gallery. This is what 6th former Perry S made of the experience.

"We went to the Serpentine Gallery to see Grayson Perry's art exhibition called "The most popular art exhibition ever". Whilst we were there, we visually observed and analysed several pieces of his artwork, particularly the vases he created about Brexit. After, we went to eat lunch and discussed our feelings and opinions about the artwork and how it impacted on us as individual artists. Overall, the exhibition was amazing because the artwork was beautifully constructed both sentimentally and aesthetically, which we found helpful because it gave us direction and inspiration to come up with out topics for our A2 project."