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Head Start Day 2016

posted 7 Jul 2016, 05:06 by Martin Evans   [ updated 12 Jul 2016, 03:05 by Kingsley Academy ]

Hurrah for Headstart Day!

About 100 Year 6 children joined us on July 4th for a day designed, as its name implies, to give them a head start for their learning in September.

The overwhelmingly positive responses in the feedback included 'feeling comfortable about starting secondary school', and 'finding the day helpful and productive'.

Children enjoyed activities in science, maths, art, French, PE, dance, technology, English and media, politics and history. Some lovely comments included, "I enjoyed making new friends", "I think today I had a lot of fun and I can't wait till September", "We did all the fun things and I am excited" and, most gratifyingly of all, perhaps: "Just make the first day longer!"

Year 6 activities on the boundary of our new school building

Many thanks, of course, are due to Ms Hosker for organising and coordinating the event and the ever supportive Kingsley Academy staff whose lessons were so enjoyed. We are so looking forward to seeing the students in September.
Lesley Kirby - Principal