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Hockey Medallist Workshop

GB & Olympic Bronze Winner Chloe Rogers

On Tuesday 26th November Chloe visited Kingsley academy to work with a  group of Year 8 students and the year 10 boys hockey team.  She brought her bronze medal along to show the students and presented them with an autographed picture.

The 24 year 8 students were selected by the PE department for their hard work and commitment in PE lessons so far this year.  Chloe led them in an introductory skills session followed by a series of small-sided games as this was, for many, their first experience of hockey.

The 10 year 10 boys worked with Chloe on more advanced drills and games. Chloe was impressed with their basic hockey skills and urged those that do play at a hockey club outside of school to continue playing and those that don't to seriously consider joining a club as they definitely have the talent to improve their skills and knowledge.

Vinny Kinra (10Z) "I was impressed to know that I shared my birthday with Chloe."

Noor Qurashi (8P) "'Meeting a real Olympic medal winning hockey player was amazing. Chloe has inspired me to do my best and keep working at something if at first I don't succeed."

Mikolaj Bartosinski (8P) "The afternoon was 'awesome, I really enjoyed playing hockey with friends and a fantastic coach."

Magda Danowska (8P) "I was really excited and when I saw her I screamed. She taught us some skills and gave us her autograph. I really enjoyed myself'."