GCSE Results Day 2018

posted 28 Aug 2018, 04:53 by Hiten Patel   [ updated 28 Aug 2018, 23:50 ]

Congratulations to Kingsley Academy Year 11 students for their successes. Science results were the best we have had at the Academy for a number of years.  

Key Successes were:

  • Salma Aljaboby, Erica Arif , Summer Braganza, Chelsea Tullett, Tajmeet Singh, Wojciech Rosiak, Elroy Picardo, Sanford Fernandes, Firoose Ehsan - all grades over 6 in subject
  • Jessica Khan - 2 9s and a range of 8 grades
  • Jasneet Korana - 4 9s and a number of 8 grades. 

Kingsley Kitchen Celebrations

posted 18 May 2018, 06:59 by Hiten Patel

Like them or not, the Royals certainly got us all smiling at lunchtime today!

Show My Homework -- Parent Login

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Please refer the attached guide SMHW - Parents -- Logging in on a browser

Enterprise Inns launches new Sixth Form programme

posted 6 Feb 2018, 03:44 by Hiten Patel   [ updated 6 Feb 2018, 03:48 ]

Enterprise Inns
Kingsley Academy hosted a brand new programme launched by Enterprise Inns. 

The programme aims to both inspire and inform young people (16-18) about career opportunities in the Pub Sector, and to develop the skills and attributes needed to succeed in the workplace. The programme will cover business basics, employability skills, industry case studies and work experience taster days.

The year 12s thoroughly enjoyed the first workshop and are looking forward to their journey on this programme.

Feedback from the students:

“The workshop was interesting and eventful, and I look forward to the next workshop..."

“It was really amazing the fact that it was something new and exciting that I got to experience."

KGA Maths Numbers Day

posted 2 Feb 2018, 08:16 by Hiten Patel   [ updated 6 Feb 2018, 03:40 ]

2nd February.........
'What an amazing day we had.........'  

Number Day was a great way to make Mathematics fun and bring about a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude towards it. The maths department were involved in many exciting activities that ran across the day with KS3 and KS4. 

Activities involved were: Escher's tessellations, tangrams, and flower folding activities where students wereallowed to bring out their creative side. 

Many staff and students in school took part in 'Dress up for Digits'. 

We raised a remarkable £100 in aid of the charity NSPCC

We hope that next year will be a success like this one........

The Maths department

KGA Year 11 Revision Booster

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All Year 11 students were off timetable on Friday afternoon to take part in a Revision 
Techniques Carousel in which they were given short and sharp sessions on the importance of revision. The sessions acted as a further and final reminder of the importance of revising adequately with their GCSE exams fast approaching...

Students were shown how to use simple but effective techniques as well as given guidance on how to create an efficient revision timetable that will help ensure they are fully prepared for the challenges ahead!

6th Form Taster Evening

posted 26 Jan 2018, 05:00 by Hiten Patel   [ updated 26 Jan 2018, 12:19 ]

Ms Naidu described the Year 11 6th form taster event as a 'fantastic evening'. Parents and students were hugely positive about their taster experiences, felt that Ms Ahmed's presentation about future pathways was very informative and 'most are certain that they can't wait to be part of our 6th form'.  Guests were also able to hear Ms Naidu present all the great things about Kingsley 6th, including, of course, our great results for the class of 2017, which put us above national average in terms of both attainment and progress.

Powering Potential -- KGA 6th Formers

posted 18 Jan 2018, 00:40 by Hiten Patel   [ updated 18 Jan 2018, 05:58 ]

Kingsley Academy is working with the technology company Dell to give our 6th former’s the opportunity to be mentored via a program called Powering Potential.

This is a 5-part fully funded programme which 12 of our Year 12 Students are taking part in. This is encouraging students to think about their core attributes and competencies and how these can be utilised in the modern job market. Each of the five workshops will feature inspiring insights from Dell leaders, and provide opportunities for the students to build on their skill set. The end result is to build a cohort of confident and capable students, furnished with the knowledge they need to make the transition from school to university.

The programme coordinator and the facilitator wrote:

'Thank you to your students for attending the second Powering Potential workshop on Wednesday – we thought the session went really well and that the students are doing brilliantly. We were particularly impressed by how mature and engaged Kingsley Academy students were – it seems they are getting a lot out of this programme which is fantastic to see! '

Activity for next session

You have been asked to make a video CV before the next session which is 31st Jan.  You need to do this on your mobile phones and will be asked to show it at the next workshop

Ms Kondal, Deputy Lead for 6th, wrote: “Absolutely wonderful feedback.  Thank you to each of you.  I am so proud of all of you for being proactive and leaders of your own learning.”

Coming soon: Online payments to school with ParentPay!

posted 10 Jan 2018, 00:25 by Hiten Patel


Kingsley Academy will be introducing a secure cashless system called ParentPay to pay for meals, trips and more. Please read the Second Letter - ParentPay 
 for more information...

ParentPay Introduction

posted 4 Jan 2018, 03:51 by Hiten Patel


Kingsley Academy will be introducing a secure cashless system called ParentPay to pay for meals, trips and more. Please read the Principal's Letter for more information...

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