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International Evening 2014

On Tuesday 8th July 2014, Kingsley Academy held another hugely successful and spectacular International Evening.

The large audience that attended this annual feature in our school calendar was entertained by performance after performance as over 100 students took to the stage to display their talent while showcasing the rich cultural diversity of Kingsley Academy. Among the colourful and dynamic student performances were a series of songs and dances from Nepal, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal, Korea, Poland, Philippines, Lithuania, India, West Bengal, Africa and South America as well as from the UK. 

The audience was also treated to an International Fashion Show. The evening represented a huge team effort by students and staff which really encapsulates Kingsley Academy's ethos and values. Ian Comfort, CEO for AET said that he thoroughly enjoyed the array of talent and performances.

Anamaria Nica year 10 student said, “I think International Evening was a great experience where I improved my confidence and team work while having fun with my friends

Ocean Pun Year 8 student said, "It was an evening where people found happiness and joy ... and saw how this is expressed in different cultures."

Raquel Edjang Mbasogo year 9 student wrote in Spanish, “Es importante... para enseñar nuevas cosas; la cultura de tu país. También te puede enseñar que todos somos iguales que no hay raza ni color.

English translation “It is important ...for teaching you new things; the culture of your country. Also it can show you that we are all the same irrespective of our race and colour.

Many students and parents who attend this wonderful evening said that they feel lucky to be a part of such a vibrant and diverse community and that they look forward to next year’s event already!

Here are just a few of the photos from the night .. more to follow!..