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International Evening 2015

Kingsley Academy held its annual International Evening on Thursday 2nd of July 2015. 

As usual it was a joyous and spectacular evening showcasing the talents of our students in performances reflecting music and culture from across the globe. To a full house of parents, friends and family, staff and Academy Governors, students performed songs, dances and poetry from a wide range of countries including Bulgaria, Goa, India, Korea, Lithuania, Romania, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and West Africa. The appreciative audience were full of praise for the high standard of performance reflecting the rich cultural diversity of Kingsley Academy. Visitors were welcomed into the hall with the help of the stirring beat of the Academy’s steel band followed, soon after, by the beautiful, soothing melody of a Portuguese ballad accompanied by the singer’s excellent guitar-playing. 

Our three student compères for the evening – Aixa, Krishma and Moataz - worked hard to introduce a seamless flow of acts and to entertain the audience themselves along the way. It was particularly noteworthy to see these three students (who recently competed against each other as opposing political candidates in our mock general election debate) unite to make it such a memorable evening. A highlight of the event was the compères’ successful efforts to interact with the audience and make them part of the whole experience. New for 2015 was the introduction of a quiz for the audience with prizes of chocolate from the compères to those who answered correctly. These were highly sought after and led to much audience participation and excitement. 

While it is impossible to name here all the students from every year group who either performed or helped create this event, The International Fashion Show, as last year, was a particular crowd pleaser. To judge from the applause, however, the acts of the night were a ballet from Romania and Bulgaria, a “Street Dance” from America and a 12-member dance troupe performing a traditional folk dance from Goa. The competence and confidence displayed by all our performers was remarked upon several times afterwards by all the different sections of the audience.

Here is what our students said about it:

Cristina Borta 7P, “It was fun to work together, even when we were tired, and create a story for our dance.

Khushbu Chagane 9Q, “I thought all the performances were amazing and the traditional costumes were really beautiful.”

Eduard Petrican 9Y, “International Evening was a great experience. We felt happy and confident to take part, even if we were not professional.

Tanishika Ruth Fernandes, 7X, “It was superb because it was so multicultural. It really showed the unity in our school.” 

The Principal of the Academy, Ms Sakhardande, thanked all the students and staff involved for their hard work culminating in such a remarkable and rewarding evening. Of particular note, she felt, was the strong empathy that it conveyed with peoples and cultures across the world. It was, as always, a very special opportunity for our students to share aspects of their culture with others. Ms Sakhardande repeated her thanks to the numerous staff involved and presented bouquets to key organisers, Mrs Scarrott, Mrs Greenwood, and Mr Bevan

All the proceeds of the International Evening this year will go to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.