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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards announced

posted 12 Jul 2017, 06:53 by Michele Colt
We are delighted to announce that the following students have achieved Jack Petchey achievement awards.  With their medal, they receive £250 to spend in school on an area of their choice.

Matilda T (Year 9)
“Matilda cares passionately about the academy and ensuring that it lives up to its motto to 'make our best better'.  To do this she has been committed to the student parliament attending every meeting and representing her peers.  She had the idea of setting up a student support group and rallied together a group of students to support each other and provide a voice for students too uncomfortable to speak out themselves.  She also willing to throw herself into a challenge and from Duke of Edinburgh to school pantomime, she has shown resilience, enthusiasm and a sense of humour.”
Spending her money on Peer2Peer mentoring training.
Nicole K-C (Year 10)
“Nicole is an inspirational example of someone who has overcome adversity and come back fighting.  She presented a brave, moving speech to her year group and went on to represent the academy at the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge.  She is determined to give a voice to students who may find it difficult to speak out themselves and is a founding member of a peer mentoring group with its sole purpose to support each other.  She is a strong, positive personality who embodies her year groups’ motto – ‘my past will not define me; my future will.”
Spending her money on Peer2Peer mentoring training.
Ana B (Year 8)
“Ana is determined to make sure they academy is a happy place.  She is part of a Year 8 committee that meet regularly to discuss school improvement.  She is very good at reporting potential incidents of bullying or inappropriate behaviour she sees others experiencing. She always stands up for her peers.  She has also shown great commitment to the world of sport, both with her own personal success in and out of school and supporting other students to achieve.”
Spending her money on promoting/ coaching/equipment for basketball.
Dhondup D (Year 10)
“Dhondup showed amazing team spirit whilst on DofE expeditions and really shone out from the crowd. He was helpful and looked out for not only his own team members but also for those in different groups. Dhondup was hardworking and determined throughout the award and in particular the expeditions. He had a real  "can do" attitude, and showed impressive problem solving skills. Being the only male in a group of five females Dondup went out of his way to ensure the girls were safe and supported at all times. He has also demonstrated excellence in sport, tremendous effort in his studies and commitment to the academy as a whole throughout the year.”
 Spending his money on equipment for D of E
Rajat P (Year 12)
“Rajat has consistently been hardworking throughout his time at Kingsley Academy.  He was of the students who made the most progress from his starting points at GCSEs and has continued with this positive attitude to hard work in our sixth form this year.  He strives for nothing but excellence.  It is hard to think of a more deserving student who is well-rounded and lovely.”
 Spending his money on resources for the new 6th form study space.

Kayla T(Year 10)
“Kayla has been a fantastic Sports Ambassador over the past year and has thrown herself at everything I have asked her to do. She has attended activities that were outside her comfort zone and worked hard to overcome her self doubts and help younger students to achieve. This was clear at the Sky Sports Dare to be Different event at the local Daytona go kart track, she encouraged the groups she was working with to present in front of a camera. She has an amazing character which enables the younger students around her to feel more relaxed and to take part in the activities. She has trained to be a walking basketball activator and designed posters to encourage non active students to attend a club. Kayla will happily help out in all events, including the primary school indoor athletics and is excellent at organising herself and others. She has an infectious personality which will help her go far.”
Spending her money on promoting/ coaching/equipment for football.

Please congratulate them/thank them if you see them.