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KA decides - the 2017 mock election

posted 14 Jun 2017, 08:26 by Michele Colt   [ updated 14 Jun 2017, 08:29 ]
As a school, we are keen to involve students in all aspects of their school and learning. So, as has become a common event in KA over the last few years, we held a Mock election campaign to coincide with the “snap” general election. This included speeches by 5 Year 10 candidates, “hustings” and a vote on 8 June, to replicate the UK general election. It was fantastic to see how politically educated our students have become, taking a real interest in the issues that affect their lives.  In mimicking the real process as closely as possible, ballot papers and a ballot box were set up for years 7-10 and staff to cast their votes in. The whole day was overseen by Returning Officers (Citizenship students and staff) to ensure fair play. By common consensus, the speeches and Q&A hustings were very professionally delivered. Some of the teachers’ comments included: “All assemblies and speeches were great”; “The comparisons between different parties helped the students to decide how to vote, details were good to help us understand what the parties stood for, and it felt very realistic.” 

After a fairly fought campaign, the Labour Party (Maria) won with 55% of the vote, followed by UKIP (Ranveer) 14%, Green Party (Rio) 13%, Conservative Party (Wojciech) 10%, and Liberal Democrats (Summer) 7%. All the candidates agreed that they had learnt a lot from the process, including key communication and the whole range of literacy skills. They were fantastic and a credit to themselves, year 10 and the Humanities faculty. Another KA success, well done to everyone involved; and given the real life results, we may be doing the same again in the Autumn!