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Kingsley Academy Friendship Party

posted 9 Mar 2016, 00:49 by Martin Evans   [ updated 24 Jun 2016, 06:19 by Kingsley Academy ]
We held our Friendship Party for the incoming Year 7 students and their parents on Wednesday 16th March. This was a really successful afternoon: it had a lovely Kingsley Academy feel about it and we received lots of compliments from parents, carers and primary children. 

Children made party hats and party wraps and, of course, received a party bag with Kingsley pens and beautiful art department bookmarks. Their parents enjoyed the delicious party food prepared by Year 10 food tech students while they looked at the art exhibition and the online 'fly-through' of the new build.  Ms Hosker, the organiser, writes: "All the children I spoke to enjoyed the activities provided by the art, ICT and food technology departments.They said they had had lots of fun.  Every parent wants to see their child feeling happy and safe in their future school and I believe that parents left feeling that Kingsley Academy would offer such an ethos."

Ms Hosker thanks all the staff who contributed to the success of the party: art, food and ICT teachers, senior staff, technicians, site staff, associate staff and, last, but definitely not least, our wonderful KA Student Ambassadors who proudly showed parents around and accompanied their children throughout the party.

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