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Mayor Sampson visits Kingsley Academy - by Ms Kirby

posted 20 Nov 2017, 13:43 by Michele Colt
I had the pleasure of hosting a visit from Mayor Sue Sampson who took office in Spring this year. Mayor Sampson seemed particularly thrilled to be at Kingsley Academy, not least because she is a former student herself, and sent her children here. Our first stop was to see the newly re-configured Student Parliament in action and they were pleased and delighted to hear that the mayor had come here herself. As we progressed, we met other staff who remembered the mayor’s children when they were here.

Our tour took in all the areas of the school. The mayor saw some fabulous 6th form art and we both guessed, correctly, that architecture or fine art were preferred career options for the A level students we met. In English, Mr Haque presented the mayor with a copy of our superb student compilation book of art, poetry and short stories, [sic].  We were impressed by the focus and application of students in maths, English, technology, food and science - the latter classrooms being from where Madame Mayor was able to admire the view over central London, albeit a rather misty one.  

After the tour, I spoke to the mayor about her impressions. This is what she said: “As a former student of this school, it is nice to return to see the complete transformation and progress here. The building is fantastic! To come here and see this...its modern technology equipping our young people to enable them to be successful in the 21st century in more ways than one is remarkable and amazing”.

The mayor was very keen to work more with Kingsley Academy and we discussed some ways forward to do this.  Thank you, Madame Mayor, for your time and generosity of spirit! We will be in touch.