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National Careers Week celebrated at Kingsley

posted 21 Mar 2018, 06:46 by Michele Colt
National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance across the UK to raise awareness, inspire and motivate young people to engage in exploring their future career direction. Kingsley Academy kickstarted the week with a range of activities across all year groups.  And what a great week we had with different activities planned for each day!
The week started off with every teacher displaying their career cards outside their classroom doors so students could see the range of jobs they had done.  On Motivation Monday teachers shared their personal career journey with their students.  On Talent Tuesday, students learnt what transferable skills were and watched a video about 'employability skills'.  On Thursday, subject teachers helped students create a wall displays of 'what careers in their subject' so they could see the link between their subject and future careers.  On Apprenticeship Friday, students watched a video about Apprenticeships. Year 10 and 11 students also got to hear from 6th form students about how they made their choices after GCSEs.
The week certainly inspired, motivated and got students asking lots of questions about careers.  This is what some of them said:
“I found the information interesting and useful.  Its helped us think about our future career.  And encouraged us to do something” (Year 8)

“The career wall display increased my awareness of different careers that I hadn’t even known existed” (year 10)

“It helped me to understand that you could do lots of jobs, not just one job or one route.  It’s important to be open to exploring different roles” (Year 9)

“The talk by Y12 and 13 ‘Next steps’ was useful to hear their opinions and experiences of how they went about choosing their A levels” (year 11)

"The teachers career paths were really intriguing because I learnt, and was surprised that, there was so many different careers paths for teachers, especially Mr Bibby's huge variety." (year13)

“Made me think about my next steps in life” (Year 12)

“This really opened up my eyes to different experiences people have in their career journey” (year 12)