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Newsletter February 2014

From the Principal's Desk
Another busy half term at Kingsley Academy with some fabulous successes for our students. 

Already a good number of our year 11 students have achieved outstanding results in GCSE maths and science.

Our 6th formers have made an excellent start to their courses ranging from GCSEs to A levels. As numbers have increased in our 6th form we have invested more resources into improving their facilities, including a dedicated computer room for independent and quiet study.

We recognize how important it is for our students to enjoy a wider learning experience so we have a plethora of outings and events in which our young people can be involved as well as many opportunities to enhance their leadership development. 

We are delighted with the high numbers of our students gaining recognition at Kingsley Academy for their good deeds, high aspirations and ambition to excel in all aspects of life through hard work and resilience.
Please enjoy reading about their triumphs and celebrations.


Magnificent Mathematicians
Magnificent Mathematicians

6th Form Celebration
6th Form Celebration

Jack Petchey Winner 2013

Visit to London's Museum District
6th Form Museum Visits

Pink Day
Pink Day 2013

Flour Babies
Flour Babies 2014

D.E.A.R. Launch
Accelerated Reader

Mayor Praises Lifesaving Efforts
Lifesaving Skills

Challenge the Gap
Challenge the Gap 2014

Jack Petchey Award Winners
Petchey Award Winners 2014

Popcorn for the Philippines
Popcorn for the Philippines 2014

Languages 'Millionaire' Quiz
MFL Millionaire 2014

Custom Castles
Castles 2014

Exploration Day Feb 2014 Year 7
Carnival 2014

Exploration Day Feb 2014 Year 9
MFL Millionaire 2014

Exploration Day Feb 2014 6th Form
6th Form Museum Visits