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Paris Trip Summer 2014

Exploration day Paris Trip  

44 excited students and 6 enthusiastic teachers left London at 5am to visit Paris for a day. The aims included developing an awareness of cultural differences, exploring France and learning about the history of a few key monuments.

Students visited the Notre Dame, walked along the Seine, passed the Louvre, lunched at the Tuileries Garden and completed the day at the Eiffel Tower. The students found the Metro travel slightly complicated but appreciated it's swiftness and comfort especially as their feet tired in the afternoon.The highlight for most was the Eiffel Tower. They were amazed by it's size and creation and many hope to visit again to take in the view from the top of it.

Students felt they had learnt many new things about French culture, food, and key monuments. Some students had never left London before and felt the trip had awakened a curiosity and desire to travel. A tired group returned to London at 10pm elated from their experience and loaded with souvenirs for family and friends.