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Petchey Award Winners 2014

Anissa Ghazi

Anissa was nominated for being an excellent student and for maintaining an outstandingly positive attitude to school despite some very challenging personal circumstances and barriers which she has had to overcome. She has excellent attendance and punctuality, is always prepared for learning, is also supportive of others, is hard working and very good at independent work. 

Anissa has decided that ‘her’ £200 should be spent on a meal at KFC for students in her Tutor Group to celebrate her achievements.

Libby Coyte

Libby was nominated for saving her great grandfather’s life. When Libby’s great grandfather went into cardiac arrest, she used her first aid knowledge and techniques that she learnt at school, through the Saving Londoners Lives “Heartstart” programme, to help save his life. She helped her mum perform CPR and as a 999 operator talked her mum through administering chest compressions, Libby reassured her mum that she was doing it right. Libby also helped to keep her young relatives clam until the paramedics arrived.

Libby used ‘her’ Jack Petchey £200 grant to take her entire Tutor Group to London Zoo where her peers celebrated her outstanding achievement.

Katrina Matuzeviciute

Katrina mentoring lower school students in our Drama Studio

Katrina was nominated for being instrumental in planning and setting up a highly successful lunch time club for students in the lower school, a club that has been running for over 2 years, and for organising a special assembly that involved inviting a guest speaker from America. Through these activities, Katrina has demonstrated exceptional organisational, communication and interpersonal skills which have benefited a significant number of students at the school.

Katrina would like ‘her’ £200 to be spent on organising and delivering a fundraising activity and for the money that is raised go to the Cancer Research charity.

Bhishan Tumbapo

Bhishan is one of the ‘unsung heroes’ in his Year Group. He quietly gets on with his work, is always positive, polite and respectful to his peers and members of staff. He works extremely hard to achieve his academic targets and demonstrates determination to succeed on a daily basis.

Bhishan spent 'his' £200 on purchasing books for students across the school as one way of helping students to develop their literacy skills. He would like the books to be used during Tutor Time.

Peter Lissenden

Peter is a role model for other students in terms of taking full advantage of the opportunities that are available. He willingly agreed to do an assembly to his entire year group about the positive after-school activities at Heathem House in Twickenham where he goes on a regular basis. Peter has shown tremendous dedication and commitment, spending a lot of his spare time preparing and rehearsing the assembly that encouraged his peers to get involved. The assembly he delivered was fantastic and fitted with one of the year group’s goals of encouraging positive out-of-school activities. Peter is a true inspiration to his peers.

Peter decided that 'his' £200 should pay for members of his Tutor Group to go to the cinema to celebrate the achievements of his peers during the academic year.


Greta Sabaliauskaite

Greta has been nominated for her efforts and achievements in GCSE History. Greta started the History course significantly later than other students and despite missing the entire teaching on the two topics studied she achieved an A grade for her Controlled Assessment and an A* in her January module exam. Not only does she show natural ability in the subject but her effort and self-motivation are commendable. She has beenlike this in all her subjects and has achieved well above expectations.

Greta decided that 'her' £200 will be used for a History trip to the Imperial War Museum as a treat for History Students. 

Anu Gurung

Anu has been nominated for being an exemplary student since Year 7. Always well presented, organised, mature, work consistently hard and is completely self-motivated and committed to achieving excellence in all that she does in or outside the classroom setting. Anu, although still in year 11, has already achieved top grades in GCSE maths and science.

Anu decided that 'her' money is spent on the Lead Learners Presentation of Awards Evening. The money was, therefore, used to purchase special trophies for her peers who have achieved well or have progress in various subjects throughout the year.