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S.T.E.M. Evening Autumn 2015

Wednesday 30th September 2015

Kingsley Academy hosted a parent and student event to explain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and the impact the scheme will have on students learning and understanding. 

The Academy has been working closely with the West London STEMNET team, inviting STEM ambassadors and other colleagues to develop STEM-related learning and discuss careers and prospects.

 Our students listened to presentations from STEM ambassadors specialising in computer science, physics, engineering, environmental engineering and human health. Also covered were games design, Disney Corp operations, electronics engineering and control systems engineering. 

The sessions were enhanced by talks and demonstrations given by the STEM ambassadors and our current 6th form students studying science and mathematics. Students engaged in problem-solving activities, physics, and mathematics and design and technology-related activities.

Throughout the entire evening students were stimulated, engaged and driven by the talks given and stalls that were on display to them. There were a lot of questions from our enthusiastic students who wanted to find out more. 

 What our students & parents said about the evening…

It was an inspiring experience for me as it opened up my eyes about careers relating to STEM.’’

I enjoyed the evening. The talks were engaging and we were able to hear about people’s career journeys and how they got to where they were today.

A great evening and lovely food put on by the Food Technology department.

A very organised evening informing us about opportunities we never knew existed.

We got an insight into many STEM industries.