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World Book Day - Tomorrow!

posted 28 Feb 2018, 05:13 by Michele Colt
World Book Day is on Thursday 1st March 2018 and, as usual, Kingsley Academy will be celebrating this wonderful event with a range of activities, challenges and competitions.

Firstly, we invite all our students and staff to dress up for WBD: why not come into school dressed up as a character from a book? We all have favourite characters or those we wish we could be more like. Why not dress up as your favourite character on Thursday?! Who could you come as?

Additionally, students in Year 7-10 will take part in the Great Literary Quiz-Off when, as a year group, they will be split into teams and quiz-off against each other to see which team has the biggest “book brain”. For Y11 to Y13 students, we have the cerebral Literary Lunch that will take place in the Library during lunch time. Come along, grab a bite to eat and share your thoughts on your favourite books and what they mean to you. 

The marquee event of the day is the prestigious Mastermind tournament that will take place in the library after school. Here, following some fiercely contested play-offs, challengers from each year group have been put forward to fight for the title of Mastermind 2018 – can anyone beat our defending champion Yuvraj in Y9? Each challenger can invite parents, friends and other selected guests to share in their moment of glory.

There will also be other competitions and challenges run throughout the course of the day such as #shelfie and Guess who it is. Details can be found on the English Department’s twitter feed, please have a look – twitter handle: @KAEnglishDept. It promises to be a week of high jinks - get involved and have fun!