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World Book Day 2016

posted 3 Mar 2016, 06:53 by Martin Evans   [ updated 24 Jun 2016, 06:20 by Kingsley Academy ]
Kingsley Academy’s English Department ran a series of events to celebrate World Book Day 2016 on Thursday 3rd March.

All students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 took part in the Literary Quiz which involved each year group, divided into teams of eight, answering questions about books in the main hall and hoping to win prizes. The students really enjoyed the competition, showing great enthusiasm for books and reading. Teachers were especially impressed to see the interest of students who may not usually talk about reading.

Prizes were awarded to students and staff who had dressed up as literary characters.The English Department also organised a well-attended Literary Lunch for students in years 11, 12 and 13. Students and teachers engaged in an interesting and thought-provoking discussion that included readings from a number of books that participants felt had changed their lives. Students who attended the event commented on the value of such gatherings and called for more such literary get-togethers. Convinced by the endorsements of their peers and teachers, some students have, since the event, borrowed or purchased recommended titles – books they may not have otherwise come across.

The final showpiece event of the day was hosted after school in the Library. This was a test of literary and general knowledge in the style of the BBC’s Mastermind programme for six champions from year groups 7 to 12. Attended by parents and friends of the contestants, as well as members of staff, the close competition was eventually won by Yuvraj Singh (year 7) who was crowned Kingsley Academy World Book Day Mastermind 2016. Reflecting modestly on his one-point victory, Yuvraj said, “I think it was just luck.”

Lesley Kirby, Kingsley Academy Principal, thanked “all those who participated so whole-heartedly in the World Book Day event which was just awesome”. She said, “Staff and students did so much to promote the world of books and reading”. Her sentiments were shared by students and can be summed up by the words of Afra Mohideen, an AS English Literature student, who observed: “This is nice… a good thing to do. We should do it every year.”

World Book Day: Competition Winners Costume Winners Year 7 Third: Manveer 7P; Second: Jack 7X; First: Tyzja 7R Year 8 Second: Rebecca 8X; First: Adler 8X Year 9 Third: Shimore 9Q; Second: Ranveer 9R; First: Etroy 9P Year 10 Third: Mariya Rizova 10Q; Second: Ana 10Y; First: Jade: 10R Quiz Winners (captains) Year 7 First: Yuvraj; Second: Daphne Year 8 First: D’Arcy; Second: Darya Year 10 First: Caaliya; Second: Trudy

I know you'll want to congratulate our finalists when you see them.

World Book Day - Paul Robeson Theatre Thursday 03/03/16 Kingsley Academy celebrated World Book Day by taking selected students from Year 7 to meet million-selling author Caroline Lawrence who writes detective stories with the double aim of entertaining children and teaching them.

Combining fast-moving plots with historical accuracy means her history mystery stories are beloved of children, parents and teachers. Students who enjoyed the event were:

Tracy Sefowa Hayford (7R), Shpetim Dragaj (7R), Shannon O’Neil (7Q), Noaf Doerwald (7Q), Sarah Bahri (7Q), Simon Fernandes (7Q), Sonny Westley (7Q), Csanad Kope  (7Q), Auguste Rimdeikaite (7Z)

Auguste: "I learned how to write a story."
Shannon: "I liked learning about the Seven Plots for making a story."
Sarah: "It was very interesting to learn how to write plots and learning about an author."
Noaf: "It was very interesting to learn about new authors and to learn about different ways to plot a story."

It was a really exciting day and both staff and students celebrated their love for literature.
Here are some photos from the day.

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