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Year 11 students attend the PiXL Student Conference

posted 7 Mar 2016, 02:15 by Martin Evans   [ updated 19 Apr 2016, 04:55 by Kingsley Academy ]

I am delighted to report that twenty Year 11 students attended the PiXL Student Conference 'Getting into the top universities' at Central hall, Westminster on Thursday March 3rd 2016.

During the conference, our students listened to presentations delivered by speakers from three of the top universities in the UK. 

The conference was both informative and inspiring and will help our students to think seriously about going to a top university. It gave them insights into university life and what they need to do in order to be accepted in one of the top universities in the UK or abroad.

The verbal feedback from all 20 students is overwhelmingly positive. Below are comments from five of our Year 11 students who attended the conference:

'I learned a lot of valuable information about what GCSE grades I need to achieve in order to earn a place at a top university such as Oxford or Kings. I learned a lot about some of the careers I could pursue. Furthermore, I am now confident that I can make it into one of the top universities in the UK by working hard and not giving up.' - Venkat 

'The PiXL Conference was extremely beneficial as it gave me an insight into university life and how to present myself as the perfect candidate when applying to a top university. The advice given about being an open-minded individual is very helpful. Overall, it was a good conference. I feel our school should provide us with more opportunities for students to be aware of the challenges ahead.' - Amarpreet 

'The Student Conference was very inspiring and engaging. It helps me to understand what I can do in the future and what universities I can apply to. The conference was interesting and helps me toward deciding my career path. Overall, it was an excellent experience that I would recommend to other students.' - Sachini 

'I enjoyed the conference because it provides me with detailed and specific guidance regarding what I need to do to get into a top university and to be able to study a subject that I enjoy.' - Aixa

'The conference was really informative and helpful as it helps me to understand what I can do in the future and what I need to do now to enable me to get there. The atmosphere at the venue was splendid and inspires me to work hard towards achieving my goal, which is to attend a top university.' - Mandeep 

Ian Powell
Year 11 Year Leader