Behaviour for Learning 

Kingsley Academy values the individuality of each person and encourages all students and staff to achieve beyond their potential through respect, praise and the joy of learning. At Kingsley Academy, we hold a set of values that underpin everything we do.

This policy is based on the promotion and upholding of these values:
  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Integrity
  • Self-discipline
  • Equality and Tolerance
  • Determination and Courage
 In order to create a climate for these values to be upheld, we believe that we should:
  • Create a caring, respectful and safe environment in which students feel valued
  • Have high expectations of student behaviour
  • Offer a broad curriculum that addresses individual needs and utilises a variety of teaching methods
  • Strive to achieve the best match between the needs and interests of the individual and the curriculum which they are required to follow
  • Set clear expectations and rules which are easily understood
  • Act in a consistent manner
  • Communicate clearly with parents/carers about their child’s learning and seek their support in improving performance
  • Be positive and actively encourage good behaviour
  • Be aware that all students are individuals
  • Be aware that we are all members of the same community and show tolerance for values and belief systems which may be different from our own
  • Give students support when appropriate
In order for this policy to be effective, it is very important that every member of the academy community knows and understands it, and is aware of their part in its successful implementation. All teaching and non-teaching staff are expected to be positive role models and, through their dress, behaviours and professional attitude, should model the consistent expectations of our students. 
Staff also have a responsibility to educate our students in understanding acceptable behaviours; not all of our students will automatically know and will need to learn. 

The role of parents/carers is essential and reinforces the aims of the school as well as working in partnership to develop, maintain and celebrate a positive attitude to learning and to support the school in addressing inappropriate behaviour. 

Governors should be actively involved in recognising good behaviour, effort and achievements as well as supporting the school in implementing disciplinary procedures.  

Rights, Responsibilities and Expectations 

Students and parents/carers have the right to expect that the school will do all it can to enable all students to reach beyond their potential. The school expects students to take an active role in creating a positive environment that enables learning and achievement to flourish. All involved must accept their responsibilities for the benefit of everyone at Kingsley Academy. 

At Kingsley Academy, all members of the school community have the right to: 

  • Work in a safe, orderly, clean environment 
  • Be able to move around the school safely and quickly 
  • Expect co-operation and respect from others

Students are expected to: 
Have a positive attitude towards their learning and the learning of others. In return students should expect: 

  • That all staff have consistently high expectations of them 
  • To be set high standards by all staff
  • To be recognised and praised for progress 
  • To be treated with respect and fairness, given encouragement and support by the school community 
  • To be given equal access to the curriculum 
  • To be given regular and accurate information and feedback about attainment and achievement

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Behaviour for Learning January 2017