(I) The Parent(s)/Carer(s) will:

Ensure that my/our child attends regularly and is punctual; inform the school on the first day of absence and to confirm the reason in writing
Inform Kingsley Academy of any concerns that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour and attend parent/teacher meetings to discuss my/our child’s progress
Support all Kingsley Academy policies and guidelines including behaviour and uniform.
Agree that my/our child will attend detentions set by members of staff during school hours and after school
Agree that my/our child’s mobile phone will be automatically confiscated if it is seen by staff - irrespective of whether it is being used when seen
Agree not to allow my child to wear any visible piercing at all, including studs for ears, nose, eyebrow, tongue or lip. Should my child undergo a piercing, I understand that irrespective of the possibility of the piercing closing, my child will have to remove the stud for school
Ensure my/our child comes to school in full school uniform.
Ensure that my/our child behaves in a responsible and positive manner towards others
Support my/our child with their learning and encourage him/her to make the most of the opportunities at Kingsley Academy including participation in extracurricular activities
Read and sign his/her planner each week

(II) The Academy will:

Care for your child’s safety and happiness and encourage the development of their talents to help them attain his/her full potential
Listen to students’ concerns and problems with respect and understanding
Have a Special Needs and Gifted and Talented Policy and appropriate activities to ensure all students’ needs are addressed across the ability spectrum
Provide a balanced curriculum and set sufficient homework which is regularly assessed to allow students to understand how to progress
Strive to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible
Carefully monitor the work of students and to report to parents at regular intervals
Encourage high standards of behaviour by developing a sense of responsibility and pride
Deal with complaints promptly and keep parents informed about Kingsley Academy activities through the newsletter, website, texts, emails and letters home
Be open and welcoming at all times
Support students with their learning and prepare them for their future choices

(III). The Student will:

Comply with all Kingsley Academy policies
Attend every day and in good time for the start of the school day
Attend in correct school uniform and with no jewellery (which will be confiscated if seen)
Attend equipped with the correct resources to contribute to lessons: exercise and text books, a suitably stocked pencil case and a reading book
Ensure phones and electronic devices are kept out of sight at all times (which will be confiscated if seen)
Actively participate in their learning at school - both in class and extracurricular - and at home so they can profit to the maximum from what the academy offers
Show resilience and determination but ask for help if you cannot find a solution
Behave in a way which allows you and others to learn and flourish in school and maximise everyone’s achievement and enjoyment of their time at Kingsley Academy
Always behave in a way which is safe and which brings credit to the Academy at all times, including when travelling or on Academy visits
Be considerate of and respectful towards the feelings and property of other people both in school and the wider community