Student Voice has several aspects at Kingsley Academy. The three groups below are fluid but each contain many students who contribute only to one of the groups.

Student Parliament

This is made up of two representatives from every year group, selected from the Year Committee. They meet regularly (once every three weeks approximately) with the Principal to share ideas and discuss their plans. At the moment, we are looking at the following areas:

  • Changes to uniform when new build is opened

  • Litter - how to reduce this consistently

  • Charity fund raising

  • Decisions about the new building e.g. colour schemes

Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are students chosen by staff to be ambassadors for Kingsley Academy. They represent the school at all events. Some ambassadors are subject specific. Examples of student ambassador participation include:

  • Meeting inspectors/visitors

  • Attending Open Evening

  • Attending Primary events such as the Year 5 Primary Maths Challenge

  • Helping out with Year 6 transition

  • Decorating the Christmas tree

Student Feedback Group

This is a group whose role is to provide feedback to teachers and leaders about what they find effective or ineffective in teaching. A group recently attended school on our Inset day to work with the Formative Assessment staff groups and explain what works well and what works less well. This was very well received by staff and deemed therefore to be a real success. We will be taking this forward in the future. These students are also invited to participate in any reviews (internal or external) that we run to give their opinions about subject areas.