10 Good Reasons
Kingsley Academy is a warm, friendly and inclusive school situated a stone's thrown away from Hounslow High Street making it easily accessible from all directions.

On the performance front, Kingsley Academy also punches above its weight. The Government has now introduced a Progress 8 assessment. This indicates whether secondary schools are adding value to the education of their students. A positive score indicates that students will achieve exam results above the forecast results at the end of primary school.

Kingsley Academy has reported an impressive +0.29 for their Year 11 group of 141 students which means, on average, our students will achieve exam scores one-third higher than predicted at the end of primary school. Principal, Lesley Kirby, has been in post for a year and has made dynamic changes to the school's teaching and learning expectations. In fact, Ofsted, after an inter-report visit to the school in Ofsted 2016 said, "There have been tangible improvements...(and) a clear vision for the school" and,"The quality and pace of strategic planning has also moved on quickly".

This attitude of high expectation will be reflected in the quality of the new school buildings that are being built on the site. They will be completed in time for the September 2017 intake of students. At a cost of £30m, they promise to deliver the best environment for our students to excel in.

Kingsley offers a fantastic working environment and the promise of excellent results. To find out more, come and see us during a school day. You can organise a tour by contacting contactus@kingsleyacademy.org.