YOU SAID...   SO WE...
We make it our business to gain as much feedback as we can from parents to ensure we are as responsive as we can be to concerns, ideas and questions. To this end, we have developed a ‘You said …., so we …..’ tab on the website to enable visitors to forward questions or comments and our response to these.  We also include comments made in questionnaires which are filled in on parents’ evenings.

You said …..

So we….

“The teachers...listen to the children, instil confidence in the students, take good care of the students, challenge and stretch students, make the children happy to come to school, give excellent help, are interested in the children, help and encourage them to achieve better levels, are friendly, great, caring, excellent, supportive, patient.”  

Shared the comments with staff, thanked and praised them

We kept in contact with families, communicated well, the school is well organised and led, that we have a good community, we make you feel welcome, you feel the leadership team is good.

Will ensure we continue to produce our fortnightly newsletter and half termly mail-out; will continue to try and make you feel welcome at every event by ensuring we share details of these as early as possible

You said you wanted….

So we ....

More homework of a better standard including in the lower sets

Will be checking Show My Homework regularly and including homework as part of the senior leadership learning walk programme

Will report on homework separately in your child’s SPR (progress report)

More feedback on your child’s progress;

Will continue to send home half termly reports of effort and termly reports of attainment for Key Stage 3 and half termly reports of attainment for Key Stage 4

Will include all staff emails on the website so you can contact individual teachers if you have a concern about your child’s progress in a particular subject

Have begun to run Student Progress Review Days so you can discuss your child’s progress with his/her form tutor twice per year, as well as meeting the subject tutor once per year. We have also put the meetings in the 1st two terms so you don’t have to wait until the summer term

More after school clubs & more after school classes and booster groups

Will publicise on the website all the clubs and booster classes which are running each term and will send out as a mail-out each term

Improved (social) behaviour

Will continue to speak to students about the importance of representing their school and families inside as well as outside the school gates

Better facilities, more/better ICT

Will be ensuring we get the maximum we can from our new building and its facilities, whilst being very aware of the government cuts to school budgets which make it more difficult to purchase new equipment

More trips

Will continue to offer a variety of trips and publicise these on the website so parents/carers are aware of just how many trips we do in fact run

The website updated more frequently

Have already met as a senior leadership team 3 times to ensure it is updated. We have also employed a consultant to modernise and simplify its look. Three staff members are now responsible for establishing the Kingsley Facebook page and our Twitter account

More lockers

Lockers are not planned for the new build due to their expense and the experience of the staff which shows that lockers are often unused after the first few weeks. They would also make the corridors very narrow.

More PE

If we offered more PE, we would have to lose a period in another subject. We fulfil the government’s guidance for PE. Students opting for PE as a GCSE spend almost one day per week (5 periods) doing PE. We have an extensive extra curricular PE offer with clubs and teams running most weeks.

A 6th form eating area

The new build will contain a wonderful new restaurant including a 6th form eating area