Here at Kingsley Academy, we would welcome committed and hardworking students to continue onto our sixth form where they feel this is the best establishment for them.

What will you study?
You may have already decided on what subjects you would like to study, most 6th forms offer AS/A levels and BTEC Diplomas. These are usually a continuation of what you have selected in your GCSE options, e.g. History and Art. Some 6th forms may offer a wider range of choices like vocational qualifications. 

What will it be like there?
6th form will be more relaxed, but still remain structured like at Kingsley Academy. You will get times where you will not have a lesson, this is called a ‘study period’. You are expected to use this time to continue with your studies or complete outstanding homework. This time is supervised by the 6th form Learning coordinator, your school will have a room where 6th formers can go. Even though you may have a free period, your school WILL expect you to still attend for the day. You will also not have to wear a school uniform, but follow a smarter dress code. Sorry no Jeans!!

How can I find out more?
If you are still unsure as to whether 6th form is for you, here are some things you can start doing now:
  • Start attending 6th form open days/evening - make sure you visit a few institutions; this will help you to confirm that you’ve made the right choice.
  • Talk to students that already attend 6th form.
  • Talk to the teachers - especially the ones that will be teaching you if you go there.
  • Make sure that the 6th offers the courses you want to do.
  • Start talking to people you trust, who can offer advice - parents, teachers or careers adviser.
  • Review the UCAS video preparing for Higher Education, below.