Why study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the fascinating study of all matter, and possibly the oldest recognisable practical science with roots in the alchemy of the middle ages. 
Modern chemists play a vital role in our society designing new materials for our phones and clothes, discovering new drugs for medical treatments and even new smart materials.
This course aims to continue work from GCSE on acids, rates of reaction and chemical bonding, as well as introducing you to new areas such as organic chemistry and reaction mechanisms. You will also make links with physics through atomic structure and bonding and with biology in biochemistry. Chemistry is the fundamental science and is the base of all other branches. 
The course complements either biology or physics making it a great choice.

Course Requirements
Compulsory requirements:
  • 5A*-C GCSE grades, including a B in Maths
  • Double Science, BB or Triple Science BBB
  • Personal attributes:
Proven commitment and drive to succeed. Keen interest in Chemistry. 

Course Outline
    AS Units 

    AS Chemistry (Year 12)
    Unit 1: Foundation Chemistry
    • Atomic Structure
    • Moles
    • Bonding
    • The periodic table
    • Organic Chemistry 1: Alkanes
    Unit 2: Chemistry in Action
    • Physical Chemistry 1: Energetics, kinetics and Chemical equilibria
    • Redox reactions
    • Organic Chemistry 2: Alkanes, Alcohols and Halo-alkanes
    • The Halogens and Alkaline Earth Metals
    A2 Units 

    A2 Chemistry (Year 13)
    Unit 4: Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry
    • Physical Chemistry 2: rates of reaction
    • Physical Chemistry 3: acids and bases
    • Organic Chemistry 3: aldehydes, esters, amines and aromatics
    • Organic Chemistry 4: polymers and synthetic pathways
    • Investigating Molecular substances
    Unit 5: Control in Cells and Organisms
    • Physical Chemistry 4: thermodynamics
    • The Transition Metals
    • Solutions
    How the Course is Assessed
      Examinations in June and of each year
      Practical Skills assessment grade

      Links to Careers
        Chemistry can lead directly to university courses and careers in Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Engineering, Pharmacology.
        Due to the nature of the subject, chemistry is an excellent partner with Biology or Physics, or as a stand alone A-Level

        Links to University

        Many HEIs offer and require Chemistry in one form or another. In order to read medicine or veterinary medicine or dentistry you will need A level chemistry.

        Syllabus: AS/A2 Chemistry
        Examination Board: OCR
        More Information:    Mr I Padda - ipadda