WJEC 2181; 3181
Why study Film Studies?

If you have an interest in the moving image then this course is for you.

Course Requirements
  • 5 GCSEs at A*-C, including a C in English.
Course Outline
    FSI - Exploring Film Form (Coursework)
    In this unit you will look at a range of films from different genres and study the different areas of filmmaking and how audiences may respond. You will produce one written essay on the films you’ve studied, as well as a storyboard or screenplay of an extract of your own film.
    Films studied over the last two years have included: Seven, Rear Window.

    FS2 - British and American Film

    Section A: Producers and Audiences
    In this unit you will learn about the film industry and how it works. You will study the social practice of cinema-going and film consumption. You will learn about film finance, production, distribution and exhibition in America and Britain as well as film consumption in the UK as a whole and particularly in the local/ regional areas.

    Section B: Topics in British Film
    You will study a topic within British Films. This unit requires the study of at least two films with a focus on how macro elements of film construct meanings and raise issues. Films could include: Sweet Sixteen, Starred Up, Bullet Boy.

    Section C: US Film - Comparative Study
    You will study and compare three American films from a specific genre or dealing with a specific theme. Films could include: Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, The Omen.

    In the second year of Film Studies you will build on these three modules. Areas of study will include:
    • Film Research
    • Creative Project
    • International Film Styles
    • Specialist Studies
    The A2 course starts after you finish your Summer exams and begins with an introductory unit on film making.

    How the Course is Assessed
    3 hour exam and two pieces of controlled assessment 

    Links to Careers
    Film Industry, Journalism, Communications industries

    Links to University
    Many universities offer degrees in Film studies and/or Filmmaking

    Syllabus: Film Studies
    Examination Board: WJEC
    More Information: Mr M McTurk -