AQA 2150
Why study Government and Politics?

Government and politics is about power and conflict. Amongst other things you’ll examine the world’s major political ideologies. You’ll explore the nature of humankind: for example, are we all capable of good and evil? Do we need laws to govern our behaviour? Are we all born equal?
To answer these questions you will study the principal political ideologies: socialism, conservatism, liberalism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, feminism, anarchism nationalism are all examined in depth and related to the British experience. 

Course Requirements

5 A*-C, including English

Course Outline
    At AS level we study two units over the year:

    • People and Politics. You will learn about the key channels of communication between government and the people and evaluate the adequacy of existing arrangements for ensuring representative democracy and participation. 
    • Governing the UK. You will be introduced to the major governmental processes within the UK and develop a critical understanding of the role and effectiveness of key institutions, and of the relationship amongst them in the context of multi-level governance.  

    At A2 level we study two units over the year

    Key Themes in Political Analysis
    This unit is a introduction to the key themes in political analysis. You will study one of the following topics: UK Political Issues, Introducing Political Ideologies, Representative Processes in the USA, or Structures of Global Politics. 

    Extended Themes in Political Analysis
    You will extend your understanding of key themes in political analysis. You will study one of the following topics: EU Political Issues, Other Ideological Traditions, Governing the USA, or Global Political Issues. 

    How the Course is Assessed
      AS: Assessment is by written examination in both in May/June.  
      A2: Assessment is by two written examinations both in June. 

      Links to Careers
        Civil Service, Political Lobbyist, Journalism, Public Relations, Education, MI5, Social Worker, Environmentalist, Lawyer, Engineer, Armed Services, Politician. 

        Links to University

        Law, Politics, History, Sociology, International 
        Relations, PR, Journalism, Medicine Engineering, Economics, Environmental Studies, Tourism, Anthropology

        Syllabus: Government and Politics
        Examination Board: AQA
        More Information: Ms A Salah -