Government and politics is about power and conflict. Amongst other things you’ll examine the world’s major political ideologies and how we can apply these to two major democracies - UK and USA. You’ll explore the nature of humankind: for example, do we need laws to govern our behaviour? Are we all born equal? To answer these questions, you will study the principal political ideologies:  socialism, conservatism, liberalism, as well as one of either multiculturalism, environmentalism, feminism, anarchism or nationalism which are all examined in depth and related to the British experience. This is all within the remit of Government and Politics of the UK and the USA.

Course Outline

We study three broad areas in this specification: the government and politics of the UK; the government and politics of the USA, and comparative politics; and political ideas.

AS level

We study two units over the year:

The Government of the UK

You will learn about the interconnected issues of the nature and sources of the British Constitution; the structure and role of Parliament; the Prime Minister and cabinet; the judiciary; and devolution.

The politics of the UK

You will be introduced to Democracy and participation; elections and referendums; Political parties; Pressure groups; The European Union; and of the relationship amongst them in the context of multilevel governance.

A2 level

We study three units over the year:

Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics

You will consider the interlinked focus on The constitutional framework of US government; The legislative branch of government: Congress; The executive branch of government: President; The judicial branch of government; The electoral process and direct democracy; Political parties;  Pressure groups; and Civil rights; as well as focussing on three theoretical approaches to make a comparative study of the government and politics of the UK and the USA.

Political ideas

This unit is an introduction to the key themes in political analysis. You will study Core ideologies, including Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and one other ideology.

Course Requirements

5 grades 4-9, including English

How the Course is Assessed

This qualification is linear, which means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course. There will be an AS Assessment by written examination to show progress, in both in May/June, on The Government and Politics of the UK. The final A2: Assessment is by three written examinations in June on: The Government and Politics of the UK; The government and politics of the USA snd Comparative politics; and Political ideas.

Links to Careers

Civil Service, Political Lobbyist, Journalism,

Public Relations, Education, MI5, Social Worker, Environmentalist, Lawyer, Engineer, Armed  Services, Politician.

Links to University

Law, Politics, History, Sociology, International Relations, PR, Journalism, Medicine Engineering, Economics, Environmental Studies, Tourism, Anthropology

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