Why study Spanish?

If you prefer to stay in your own corner of the world and are not open to new cultures: don’t read on ... if you can answer yes to any of these, Spanish is for you: 
  • Do you want to travel? 
  • Are you interested in different cultures? 
  • Would you like to work abroad? 
  • Do you want a transferable skill that is valued by employers in a variety of fields? 

Course Requirements

5 A*-C GCSE passes, including Spanish minimum grade 6

Course Outline

AS Level
  • In-depth study of the Spanish Language and grammar
  • Topic work on the themes of Social issues and trends, and Political, intellectual and artistic culture
  • The study of a Spanish film or novel
  • Extensive speaking practice
A2 Level
  • Continue to study language and grammar
  • Topic work including Diversity and difference, and The 2 Spains: 1936 onwards
  • The study of another Spanish film and novel
  • Extensive speaking practice

How the Course is Assessed

    AS: 3 exams in June: (i) speaking; (ii) listening, reading and translation; (iii) writing 
    A-level: 3 exams in June: (i) speaking (ii) listening, reading and translation; (iii) writing

    Links to Careers

      The Diplomatic Corps (aim high), banking, law, marketing, advertising, travel, human resources, journalism, translating and interpreting, teaching, fashion and many more.

      Links to University

      Languages degrees are seen as a strong, academic qualification by employers. Most universities offer a range of languages to study, as Single Honours (where you study one language), or Joint Honours (where you study two languages, or a language plus 
      another subject).

      Syllabus: AS/A2 Spanish
      Examination Board: WJEC AS B810QS; A2 A810QS
      More Information: Ms K Kemble -