Enrichment Wednesdays


12.10.17 Year 12 Safe Drive Stay Alive theatre performance

18.10.17 Year 12 post 18 options and intro to Higher education (in house)

15.11.17 Year 12 ULAS introduction and registration



03.01.18 'HOPE' by Mr Sadhra


Big thank you to Mr Sadhra (and Hiten) for sharing his 'experiences and challenges with poverty, racism and barriers to secure a good education' .  The Star Wars examples will definitely be remembered!  His key message to students - 'take opportunities you are given, be happy, you have 1 Life  - live it with joy!' really struck a cord, as you can see from their feedback:


“Really encouraging talk, I felt humbled to hear Mr Sadhra share his experiences.  I realised that keeping communication with everyone is really important”


“A very good talk, I liked the phrase 'one life' and it got me thinking that I need to take up more opportunities and not worry about what people think of me”


“I intend to make 'one life' my mantra. Always have hope”


Good enrichment lesson, learnt not to waste your life


“I learnt I must never give up and work hard”


“Motivating and inspiring talk about life journey”


“I learnt not to waste time and I have one life”

17.01.18 'Who Am I - Self Actualisation''  by Mr Dumuje


Big thank you to Mr Dumuje, once again, for an inspiring and reflective session on how to realise ones potential and transform ourselves socially, mentally, spiritually through the process of self-actualisation.  Students learnt how to use Maslows Hierarchy into their lives. 


"The talk was very interesting as I was able to understand myself a little more, to have more confidence and self belief"


“I was very inspired and thank to Mr Dumuje for giving us this opportunity”


“I learnt that successful people overcome struggles ”


“I found the lesson interesting and helpful”

24.01.18 'Kickstart your university Journey and how to write a personal statement' :

The Widening Participation team of Royal Holloway University kick-started the next round of university applications with a talk on how to select the right degree course and the right university as well as, crucially, how to layout and write the personal statement.  


Bringing this forward a term earlier than last year will provide more focus and structure to students to enable them to manage this process in plenty of time


Some student comments were :


"This enrichment session was very helpful and interesting as it gave me a wider overview of the process towards applying to a university.  I did not know there were different types of universities such as collegiate, campus etc.  this was very useful to know"


"I learnt how to plan a personal statement.  I found it helpful and it put me into thinking about what to add and not to add in my personal statement.  I found it very helpful"


"This session was very helpful, right now I have a much more clear image of what i need to do to create a good personal statement"


"Really interesting to find out about different types of universities and the way to layout personal statement - could be helpful in the future"

30.01.18 Student Finance talk Year 13

With university applications out of the way and most having received offers, year 13 students were supported with their next steps as part of KG CEIAG 6th form offer, to become better informed about university finance.  A member of the widening participation team from Roehampton University was invited to deliver a talk on Student Finance yesterday after school.  It was an interactive session with the majority of them realising that paying for university wasn't as expensive as they had envisaged!



“I received a lot of information from this session and things I did not know; interest, application process


“I found the session useful, everything about student finance was clear”


“Now I understand the difference between maintenance loan and tuition loan”


“I found this session very engaging and helpful”


“It was very informative and answered all my questions”

14.09.18 Post 18 options and introduction to higher education

"the session was a real eye opener. I realised I should be thinking about the future in terms of my education and career path"

“personally I found it very helpful and it was very well presented and clear. Every aspect to take into consideration after a levels were well described and it kind of gave me an idea of what to do next. Also it presented things that I didn't know about”

“it helped me to see what students needed to do.”
“the session provided me with unknown information about apprenticeships.”