Students at Kingsley Academy are viewed as young people with important things to say. They need different forums for their voices to be heard. We will always listen to what they have to say, although we may not always agree. Ultimately, the teachers are the trained professionals but we can learn from our students and amend our practice if we see that improvements can be found in other ways. Students can share their views in a number of ways:

Informal, ad hoc
  • Suggestions box in the foyer
  • Form time discussions
  • Chats with teachers
  • Lesson discussions
Formal, planned
  • Year group councils (representatives from each form in the Year group)
  • Student Parliament (representatives from each Year group)
  • Questionnaires
  • Lessons such as citizenship

Students - You said…, so we….

You said ….

So we ….

Please make sure that it is easy to report any bullying or nasty behaviour

Set up a suggestions box for you to report anything that worries you

Have a safe space in room 111 for you to report anything that worries you

Please make the Student Parliament share more of what they do and discuss

Are ensuring that meetings are minuted so they can be distributed to each form

We want to do psychology, government and politics in 6th form

Have offered these subjects for 2016 (G & P) and 2017 (psychology)

More opportunities for music please

Are now offering music practice and playing facilities every lunchtime, including choir on Mondays